We’re partnering up with INE to offer a FREE live class to teach you how to utilize gns3 to test new designs, build and enhance networks, approach troubleshooting and analysis, and ultimately prepare for network professional certificate exams.


After attending this GNS3 course, our goal is that you will the following on this course:

  • Download and install GNS3 on your Windows-based laptop/PC
  • Select the appropriate Cisco IOS software images suitable for use within GNS3
  • Become familiar with the toolbars and screen layout of the GNS3 graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Build Cisco routing-and-switching topologies using emulated Cisco routers and switches
  • Use GNS3 “built-in nodes” to enhance topologies (such as the Frame-Relay Switch, Cloud, Ethernet Switch and Virtual PC Simulator)
  • Utilize the functionality of Wireshark for packet captures


Date >> March 15, 2016 12pm – 6pm EST


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