This round had us all on the edge of our seats as we hovered around our monitors waiting for the winner to be declared.

It was down to the wire, almost too close to call! The mission clock ticked down the final seconds.. "Do you believe in miracles?! YES!"


The champion of our Free tool Brack-IT-Ology is... Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle (NABMB)!




See below for the championship round highlights & read the more in-depth explanation below.



NABMB V SW Admin Bundle for Active Directory

Winner of Champion Round: NABMB

SW Admin Bundle for Active Directory held its own throughout the entire battle but in the end its inability to monitor Active Directory and related applications caused for it to come up short against the champion NABMB!


Need a powerful tool to monitor Active Directory and a whole lot more?

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), can proactively monitor Active Directory performance and related application components like SQL, Microsoft® Exchange, and the underlying hardware health.

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Championship winner – Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle wins the championship!

We think no free tool really had a chance, given that this free tool is actually a bundle of two of our most popular networking free tools: Real-time Bandwidth Monitor and Real-time Netflow Analyzer.Our NABMB free tool combines the power of both to monitor interface bandwidth utilization for a single device, and capture and record up to 60 minutes of NetFlow in a single flow enabled router.


Power Up for Comprehensive Network Bandwidth Analysis & Performance Monitoring! Need to monitor traffic on more than one device or capture flow data for greater than 60 minutes? Bandwidth Analyzer Pack (BAP) combines SolarWinds award-winning Network Performance Monitor and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer in a single download to give you side-by-side network fault, performance and traffic monitoring in a single pane of glass.

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