And we're back! Thanks for joining us for the round two highlights of the SolarWinds Free Tool Brack-IT-Ology!

This round was a real nail-biter as the Elite 8 fought for a spot in the final four!

To see why your picks won or lost watch the video and read the more in-depth explanations below.





Winner: NABMB

TFTP Server is the most popular SolarWinds free tool, with close to 800,000 downloads of this free tool to date.

However, its inability to perform remote firmware and IOS transfers left it behind in the match up against the almighty Network Analyzer & Bandwidth Monitoring Bundle free tool.


Stop wasting valuable time with error-prone, manual configuration processes!

Streamline and effectively scale network configuration management with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM).

NCM takes the hassle out of network configuration tasks and takes change management to the next level with powerful automation and validation.

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SW Admin Bundle for Active Directory V ELC

Winner: SW Admin Bundle for Active Directory

Event Log Consolidator never stood a chance against our popular Active Directory Admin Tools Bundle free tool.

While ELC is useful for viewing and filtering logs, its inability to store historical data or correlate log data from network and security devices, led to its defeat.


If you’re looking for more comprehensive Log and Event Management, consider SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM), which combines real-time log analysis, event correlation, and a powerful search to deliver the visibility, security, and control you need to overcome everyday IT challenges.

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DPAF V SAN Monitor

Winner: DPAF

Our free SAN Monitor delivers the visibility you need to stay a step ahead of potential performance problems lurking in your storage array but that step wasn’t enough to beat the only free response-time-based analysis monitoring tool for your databases – DPA Free – which won by a long shot!


Need More Comprehensive Storage Monitoring? SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor will help you keep a sharp eye on the performance and capacity of your entire storage infrastructure.

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Winner: VMM

Permissions analyzer is great for managing user permissions and access rights but it falls short when it comes to actually troubleshooting Active Directory issues like: Domain controller issues, Replication failure, and User account lockouts.

VM Monitor was able to bring home the WIN this time!


If you’re looking to power up your active directory performance and keep your applications at high availability, check out SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) to find and fix performance problems before end-users can pick up the phone.

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