Dear Network,

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and it’s got me to thinking about all that luck of the Irish business. After all, have you ever considered just how lucky you are to have me as your admin? Between taking the heat for your slow connection speeds and trying to keep tabs on your packet loss, it hasn’t exactly been all sunshine and rainbows for me, you know. Yet here I am, day in and day out, caring for you as if you’re my own wee lass. So, while we continue to reach together for that networking pot o’ gold, all I really want is for you to understand just why you’re so lucky to have me. Let me count the ways…


Your NetAdmin


Back in October, we asked you to share with us what words of advice and comfort you had for your network heading into the New Year. Well, we’re at it again, except this time, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we want you to tell us why your network is so darn lucky to have you as its admin.

Yeah, we know it’s all a little quirky, but you gotta admit, it’s kinda fun, too. And while none of us actually pen such letters to our networks—well, there may be a few of us who do—how often do thoughts like this cross our minds throughout the day? After all, networks can get a little unruly from time to time, and it’s a difficult job bringing them back in check.

So, while it might bring back painful memories, please think back to some your most trying times with your network and tell us (and your network) using the comments section below why it’s lucky to have such a responsible, attentive admin such as yourself (this will probably be a good exercise in self-appreciation as well).


Do so by February 29 and you’ll receive 250 lucky charms, er, thwack points in return.