We don't always do upgrades, but when we do, it takes a lot of sleepless hours and error messages. But in the end, it's worth it, because, lets face it, who doesn't like a not-so-new, but improved and better looking thwack? So, to cut the long story short, here are a few of the changes and improvements you can now enjoy. And, as usual, feel free to share your feedback, questions, and concerns in the comments section.


New Community Capabilities

  • Helpful answers: helpful answers are now cumulative. Once a comment receives a configurable number of helpful votes, it will automatically become the correct answer.
  • Same question: if you come across an open question you too struggle with, you can now mark 'I have the same question' and be notified once an answer has been found.

  • Targeted news streams:
  • News stream view: you'll get a prioritized and tailored summary view of relevant news, along with the streams you choose to follow.




New Collaboration Features

  • Your view: personalize your view however you like. Group and categorize information the way it makes sense to you by using new tiles, like Expanding Sections, or use auto-populating tiles such as Frequently Viewed, Recently Viewed, and more.
  • Your stuff, consolidated: your Inbox, Actions, and the new Your View are now accessible from everywhere in the community via a drop-down menu in the main menu bar, just to the left of your avatar.


New and Enhanced Community Capabilities

  • Search content: search more effectively with top recommended results. We ensure specific content items appear at the top of search results when you search using specific keywords or phrases. No more sifting through results to find what you are looking for!
  • Skills and endorsements: profiles have been extended to include user configurable skills. You can endorse your peers for their specific qualities. Skills are searchable with those users with higher endorsements ranking higher in the result relevance.


Where did my stuff go?

  • Content Creation: the content creation bar under Activity was removed, but you can easily create any type of content from the menu under Create.

  • People: if you want to invite friends or co-workers to thwack, you can still do that by going to Browse -> People. You’ll find the Send Invites button the left side of the screen.

  • Email preferences: with the new profile changes, the email preferences were set to default, so you might need to go and change them according to your needs. To do that, you just need to go to your Profile -> Preferences -> General Preferences.