Thwacksters, we’re home.

You have successfully built a team of indomitable monitoring solutions (Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, Log & Event Manager, and Database Performance Analyzer) and defeated the performance slowing empire.

You have restored order to your network galaxy and saved us all from the clutches of server outages, sluggish network performance, and elusive USB devices.

The Force is strong in this community. You have fulfilled your IT destiny.


Now to help us stay on target we’re introducing Wear your shirt to work week! We want to see you wearing the shirts you earned in the IT Is Your Destiny challenge.

For each photo uploaded between February 1st and February 5th, you will be awarded +250 thwack points!

Upload your photo in the comment section to get points.


**Daily Bonus Round:

  1. Share your submission(s) by tweeting @thwack and use the hashtag #ITisyourdestiny
  2. Those who tweet their submissions will be entered to win a $50 AmEx gift card that day.
  3. 1 winner per day from February 1st  @8 AM CT- February 5th @12 PM CT (5 chances to win!)


To help get this party started (and for your amusement) here are some pictures from our SolarWinds Wear your shirt to work event:

WYSTWW collage_1.jpg



Here are some additional resources to help you get started with this alliance of monitoring solutions:

Network Performance Monitor:

Server & Application Monitor:

Log & Event Manager:

Database Performance Analyzer:


Remember… the four will be with you, always.


To see which free tools are available to help you defeat the dark side, check out this month’s mission>> thwack Monthly Mission - February 2016