12 Monthly Missions

January - Help Desk Resolutions


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February - NetSec Bootcamp

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March - Planet of the Apps

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April - Configure This.

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May - Get Your **IT Together

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June - Security Scavenger Hunt

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July - SysAdmin Squares

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August - thwackCamp: The Mission

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September - #SolvedIT


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October - Threat Hunters

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November - Rage Against the Virtual Machine

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December - Return of the DBA


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10 Members of the 150k Club

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9 (Billion) Buttons Given Out

8 New SolarWinds MVPs


7 (Teen) SolarWinds Lab Episodes


  1. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #22: New Geek, New Set, NCM DB Tips and IP Address Conflict Detection
  2. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #23: Interactive Visual Network Discovery with NTM and EOC How-To
  3. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #24: NPM 11.5 - Web-Based Alerting How-to plus Wireless Heat Maps, Duplex Mismatch Detection and More!
  4. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #25 - How-to Configure the New Orion® Agents & Converged Systems Monitoring (AppStack)
  5. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #26: New Module How-To: AppInsight for IIS & Orion Storage - Storage Resource Monitor
  6. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #27: You've Already Been Hacked! Now What?
  7. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #28: Linux® Love
  8. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #29: Orion® Cribs - View, User, and Resource Customization
  9. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #30: Virtualization Manager - Take Out-Of-The-Box Alerts and Reports to vNext Level
  10. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #31: Programmers Only - Automating IT with Cloud DevOps
  11. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #32: Two Geeks and a Goddess
  12. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #33: SolarWinds Odd Couples
  13. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #34: Amp Up Your Network Configuration and Compliance with SolarWinds NCM
  14. [VIDEO] MySQL Database monitoring with DPA - SolarWinds Lab #35
  15. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Support Spectacular! - SolarWinds Lab #36
  16. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #37: Monitoring 101
  17. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #38: Get Your Monitoring Squeaky Clean for 2016


SolarWinds Lab Hosts & Head Geeks:

sqlrockstar, kong.yang, adatole, & patrick.hubbard

6 Industry Events Attended

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From left to right: mblackwe, wabbott, DanielleH, mrs.alterego, maria.bungau

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2 (Hundred) Geek Speak Blogs



1 thwackCamp to Rule Them All



See you all in 2016!

Mission Accomplished! Well done Padawan, you have completed your trials and have earned the rank of Jedi Knight!

thwack Monthly Mission - December 2015


Mission recap survey & questions:


Free trials & Free tools:

Take your database management to the next level with SolarWinds free trials and tools.

Free Trials

Fully Functional, 30-Day Trial

Free Tools

Limited Functions, 100% Forever Free

Database Performance Analyzer

Get deep visibility into the performance of your databases and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning.

Database Performance Analyzer Free tool

Free SQL tuning software for faster database performance.


More Database resources:

With "global" being the new norm in IT management, we're looking for SolarWinds users in Japan.  Maybe you have facilities that you're monitoring in Japan from the US, or maybe you have co-workers supporting a SolarWinds deployment in Japan.  Either way, we'd like to hear from you.


We're looking to build onto our existing Japan user base (thwack Japan group) and would like to hear about success stories of how SolarWinds has helped your organization better manage all thing IT in Japan.


Please comment below if you are managing resources in Japan or manage them directly in Japan and are in a position to be a reference or possibly be a part of a case study.  We'll hook you up with some points and SWAG for your participation!

Based on your request for more configuration help and training to take advantage of the depth and breadth of our products, we are pleased announce our new Speed2Value program. Whether you have been using Network Performance Monitor (NPM) or Server & Application Monitor (SAM) tools for years or are just getting started, the new Speed2Value program will help maximize the impact they deliver. New program resources include:


Stay tuned as we have big plans to expand our new Speed2Value program in 2016 to include:

  • Onboarding Guides and training videos for additional SolarWinds products.
  • A new, monthly training program, SolarWinds Academy – Expert Series, which will provide advanced product training delivered by our Head Geeks & Support Geeks (requires active maintenance).
  • Expansion of our Instructor-Led, Interactive Product Training program to other products (requires active maintenance)


  Your feedback matters and we’d love to get your thoughts on the effectiveness of these new resources.

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