Working as the Community Manager for thwack for 4+ years now, I can say that one of the most requested "features" of the community has been to bring you and SolarWinds together, face-to-face, to meet, greet, share, and discuss IT trends, hot topics, and all things Orion.  I am pleased to announce that we officially kicked off a pilot program (or "beta" for those who know SolarWinds language all too well) for SolarWinds User Groups and now, we're moving full steam ahead with SWUG in 2016!


Where is SWUG going in 2016 and how can I organize a user group for my area?

You, the community, are absolutely crucial to our ability to keep these user groups going.  We need to see demand in various regions, we need people willing to host a space for 20-30 people, and we need user group leaders. Our first user group leader achievement goes to jbiggley and Jfrazier who have offered to host and organize a meeting for the Columbus, OH region and the DFW, Texas region in early 2016.  We'll be seeing you soon Josh and John!


I've created a poll to capture where people want to meetup in 2016 - VOTE NOW!  The bigger the demand, the better chance I have of getting SolarWinds experts and staff to your region.


If you are interested in being a user group leader, please reach out to me directly on thwack (DanielleH) or send an email to  We will give you all the tools (and budget) needed to get this going in your area, plus a few perks for yourself as a user group leader.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  We hope to see you at a future SWUG meeting!!