We are currently looking for users of Virtualization Manager to help us gather some vital, real world information from your Vman database. This data is being used for our development team to do testing with the recommendations engine. In exchange for your help, we will send you a $25 Amazon gift card and 1,000 thwack points.  Below is a breakout of what information we are looking to capture and how to export this data.


What information are we looking to gather from these database tables?

  • Virtual environment topology/hierarchy (relationships between VMs and Hosts, VMs and datastores, etc.)
  • Basic information about their VMs, Hosts, Clusters, Datastores, Datacenters, VCenters (such as CPU/memory usage and assignment, storage capacity, free space, number of network interfaces, etc.)
  • Historical statistics over last 30 days for VMs, Hosts, Clusters, Datastores
  • Data may contain IP addresses, MAC addresses and hostnames of VMs and Hosts in the environment
  • We do not collect any node data
  • We do not collect any credentials, passwords and/or certificates


How can I grab this data?

  1. Save the file to the VIM installation folder (by default: c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\VIM\)
  2. Start Orion Diagnostics tool
  3. Uncheck everything except VIM Data Gatherer (not entirely necessary, but it will significantly decrease size of the output package)
  4. Click on the Start button and choose location where the output archive should be stored
  5. Once the tool is done exporting, upload the archive to <insert upload location>


Thank you in advance for your help! The gift card and points will be sent and applied to your thwack account within a few days of receiving your information.