We are currently looking for 4-5 users who fall in the criteria listed below and would be willing to participate in a User Experience session - which awards 2,000 thwack points and you get to work with some really awesome SolarWinds folks on behind-the-scenes concepts!


Does this sound like you?

  • I use 1-3 Orion products
  • I have not upgraded my products OR I've only upgraded them once or twice
  • I work for a smaller to midsize company
  • I recently started using SolarWinds products within the last 18 months or so*

*This is not required but preferred.


If this sounds like you, we are kicking off a User Experience project and we would love to speak with you!  Please respond to this post and we will be in touch with more details.

- Survey Closed -


We are in need of a favor.  We need your participation to help us retain our Microsoft Core Competency levels that help us continue to develop our software solutions.


  1. If you are game, please submit your information here.
    1. The email you provide will only be used to ensure you receive the email from Microsoft.
  2. Shortly after, you will receive an email to complete the customer reference request from Microsoft.
  3. Lastly, you will receive an email from TNS Custom Research to complete a quick survey.


The first 40 people who complete the customer reference request will receive a $50 Visa gift card (only US residents are eligible for the gift card). The recommendation must be completed by August 31st, 2015. Terms & Conditions are attached below.

Thank you for your time and participating!

SolarWinds Community Team

We finally did it! We built our own spam filter plug-in since we were having so many challenges with the existing spam filters, and we released it just last week! Being the geek that I am, this new plug-in has made me absolutely giddy! In my true, Boston-like way, I announced it to our internal team and told them I was "wicked excited", to which my boss replied, "You're such a nerd"! :-) I can't help it! The ability this plug-in gives us is far more intuitive, will give us the opportunity to identify patterns and adjust the filters, as needed. What a concept! With that being said, I want to break down what we've done so you are aware of the new requirements.


  • Users must have (#) piece(s) of published content to avoid moderation
    • One of the first things we did was set a limit to the number of posts a new user can create before they are able to bypass moderation. If you're a brand new user, your first three posts will be sent to our moderation queue for us to review. It's not that we don't trust you, but it will help us to ensure your question, document, discussion, etc. is placed in the correct forum, as well as make sure you're a real person! :-) This will also help us with false positives that we were receiving from the other spam filters...these false positives were why so many of you were getting moderated on practically EVERYTHING you posted! We don't want you to have to experience that again!

  • Users with accounts (#) hours old will be moderated
    • Another thing we have added was a timeframe associated with the account. This last spam attack we saw something different. We had users that were creating accounts days, sometimes weeks in advance, posting one thing that seemed ok and then much later nailed us with a script to post all that spam. By having this feature, I can say "Any user that is newer than 30 days will need to be moderated". I have this disabled at the moment because I intend to use this only when we really need it. I think having the 3 pieces of content moderated is enough for everyday filters.

  • Flag users based on patterns using Java regular expression syntax
    • Finally the best part to this new plug-in (and my personal favorite) is the use of Java regular expressions. With each attack, there was always some kind of a pattern, whether it be in their subject, email addresses, names, etc. Once the pattern is identified, we will have the ability to add a Regular Expression to flag those accounts so they can't even be created; they will go into a "Flagged User" group where we can bulk delete them once and for all before they even have a chance to send out content! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Now that this new plug-in has been running for about a week, there are a few small changes that we want to make that will make our jobs a little easier, so we are going to take the site down for about 1 1/2 hours tonight.  Don't be alarmed if you see a maintenance page tonight between the hours of 10pm CDT and 11:30pm CDT; it's all good stuff!

We hope that you guys are enjoying the new spam filters as much as we are, but if there are improvements you think we should incorporate or something we've forgotten, please don't hesitate to let us know! We love feedback!

*Side note: There are a few random posts that are holding on to some of the previous spam filters, so if you're moderated and it doesn't seem to make sense, don't worry! It will soon fade away and shouldn't be moderated anymore in the future (unless you post something on our banned keyword list ).

Coming off of SolarWinds' annual virtual learning event, THWACKcamp 2015 provided thousands of attendees with several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding SolarWinds products and IT management in general.  With over 9 hours of streaming video and live chat, there was a ton of information to consume so our Head Geeks have consolidated some of their favorite moments and in what better fashion than a monthly mission contest?!


August Mission

That's right folks, it's time for thwackCamp: The Mission. Each day we will release a new question which can be answered by watching one of the featured thwackCamp sessions.  Correctly answer all 5 questions in a given week and you'll be entered to win the weekly prize.  Correctly answer all 20 questions before August 30th and you'll be entered to win ONE OF TWO grand prizes: a Two-wheel Smart Scooter!  Follow the rules and schedule below to play along.


Mission Rules

  1. A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on August 3rd.
  2. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until August 30th @ 11:59pm CST. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  3. Questions are a mixture of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank.
    • Multiple choice - Only your first attempt counts. Double check your answers!
    • Fill-in-the-blank - If you answer correctly, the page will take you on to enter your thwack username. If you answer incorrectly, the page will simply refresh for you to try again.
  4. Answer all 5 questions within a given week and be entered to win a that week's prize. For example, if you correctly answer all 5 questions during week 1 (August 3 - 7) then your name will be in the week 1 drawing.
  5. Answer all 20 questions over the course of the month to be entered to win ONE OF TWO grand prizes: a Two-wheel Smart Scooter!
    • Drawing will be held on August 31st.
  6. 150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question.  There are 20 questions which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.
    • Points/badges will be added to profiles once the mission has closed.



All questions open at 12AM CDT on their respective day.

Once a question has opened it will remain open until August 30th @ 11:59PM CDT.

Weekly Prizes






Week 1: Amazon Echo

Complete questions 1-5 by August 9 to be entered to win

August 3

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Week 2: Sooall Maglev Bluetooth Levitation Speaker

Complete questions 6-10 by August 16 to be entered to win

August 10

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

Week 3: Instant Lab Universal

Complete questions 11-15 by August 23 to be entered to win

August 17

Question 11

Question 12

Question 13

Question 14

Question 15

Week 4: GoPro Hero4 Black

Complete questions 16-20 by August 30 to be entered to win

August 24

Question 16

Question 17

Question 18

Question 19

Question 20

Correctly answer all 20 questions before August 30 @ 11:59PM CDT and you name will be entered to win ONE OF TWO grand prizes!

Two-wheel Smart Scooter

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