SysAdmin Day is coming up, but we think you deserve more than one day of recognition. That’s why we’re commemorating the occasion for a full month. After you’ve marched in the parade, posed for a statue, and had brownies and ice cream in the break room, join us for a fun game of SysAdmin Squares! That’s right, it’s Hollywood Squares Bingo style, using events, experiences, and scenarios that you as a SysAdmin come across every day. You haven’t played Bingo until you’ve played it the SysAdmin Squares way. Here is your chance to win points and prizes for dealing with password resets, server outages, and Bob in marketing. Look back and laugh at what you achieve every day throughout the year.


In traditional bingo you wait to hear letter/number combinations to mark your card until someone yells “Bingo,” and then you fling your game card across the room because you haven’t had a bingo since the fourth grade. With SysAdmin Squares you earn your daily square just by participating and adding a little fun to your day. Mark your squares by choosing an option from an assortment of questions, clues, adventure stories, and more.


July Mission

Each week we'll have a combination of questions/activities that all you will complete in order to earn your daily square. After completing all 5 of the week’s activities, you will earn a Bingo, which enters you to win the weekly prize. Those of you who earn a "blackout" by completing all the squares will be entered to win the grand prize. Download your game card attached to this blog post, and let’s play!


Mission Rules:

  1. One question or activity will open everyday (Monday through Friday) starting on July 6th.
  2. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until August 2nd @ 11:59PM CDT.
  3. You must correctly answer or complete each daily question within a given week to be entered to win the weekly prize.
    • For example, correctly answer all 5 questions during week 1 (July 6th - July 12th) and your name will be in the week 1 drawing which will be announced on July 13th.
  4. Correctly answer and complete all 20 daily questions and activities before August 2nd @ 11:59PM CDT and you will be entered to win the grand prize!
  5. 150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question or activity competed.  This means you can earn up to 3,000 points over the course of the mission.
    • Points/badges will be added to profiles once the mission has closed.
  6. Weekly prize drawings will be held on the dates indicated below.
  7. Grand prize drawing for the Nvidia Sheild Pro + Video Gaming Chair will be held on August 3rd!
  8. Terms & Conditions attached below.


Click here to download the SysAdmin Squares playing card!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!                                                                                            


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4






Weekly Prizes

Grand Prize: Nvidia Sheild Pro + Video Gaming Chair