You are a lean, mean VM sprawl fighting machine.


You eat network config errors for breakfast.


You laugh in the face of slow SQL queries.


You…are an IT pro.


And as an IT pro, you bring a tremendous amount of value to your employer. Not only do you battle printers big and small, smite network performance issues like the filth they are and conquer ID10T errors all day long, but you alone are uniquely positioned to take the company to new heights riding on the back of peak performing technology.


Yes, you are the hero of modern business. But are you the unsung hero?


That is what we would like to find out: Do you feel your employer recognizes and rewards you for the value you bring to the company?


To help us get to the heart of this issue, you’re invited to take our quick two-minute survey. And if you take it by July 14, we’ll give you 250 thwack points to say thanks.


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