In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft’s technical support of a little thing called Windows Server 2003 ends on July 14th. And whenever a well-used piece of software reaches its end-of-life (EOL), it can feel a little bit like a breakup. As with any breakup, we know letting go can be difficult, time-consuming and sometimes just too painful to go through with. After all, as Neil Sedaka taught us all, “breaking up is hard to do.”


So, in honor of Windows Server 2003’s EOL and considering how hard it can be to end a relationship, even with software, we’d like hear some of the craziest stories you’ve got about encounters with software and other technologies being used well past their effective EOL. Ran into a machine still running Windows 98? Tell us about it! Met a dev who’s still coding on Fortran 77? Shout it out! Found a box running Windows Server 2000 (believe it or not, it’s been five years since it EOL’d)? Let us know!


Use the comments section below to tell us your story by Friday, May 29, and we’ll be sure to give you 250 thwack points to say thanks.