“I told you to get off the computer and take out the trash!”


For some of us, that seemed our mom’s favorite catchphrase. But no matter how many times we stayed up past our bedtimes or slacked on our chores because we couldn’t pull ourselves away from our monitors, our mothers were always there for us. Even if our Counter-Strike and StarCraft matches ran up the dial-up bill.


If you think about it, most of us probably wouldn’t be the IT pros we are today without our moms. After all, who else would have instilled in us the importance of waiting our turn, which, of course, today helps us properly manage help desk tickets? And who would have taught us that, “Patience is a virtue”? Is that life lesson anywhere more important than in IT? OK, probably so, but it’s still really valuable when it comes to dealing with the issues we do every day, whether they be technology or ID10T-related. Maybe even more than a few of us wouldn’t even be in IT if not for the wisdom, encouragement and support we got from our mothers.


Let’s face it, moms are pretty great.


So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’d like to hear from you about how your mom helped you on your journey to becoming the IT pro you are today. Were you her right hand, teaching her everything from using email to programming the VCR? Was she a tech early adopter who jump started you into the Internet Age? Maybe it’s all about the good genes you got from your dear old mom?


Use the comments section below to tell us the most important thing your mom did for you to help you on your path to becoming an IT pro by Monday, May 4, and we’ll be sure to give you 250 thwack points to say thanks.


Oh, and be sure to take some time on May 10 to say thanks to your mom for everything she’s done for you. And for any of you who are moms, happy Mother’s Day from SolarWinds!