We know, everyone’s got an opinion about Discovery and how to make it better.  Which is good, because we want to hear it!


We're doing some early work to understand how to improve the usability and efficiency of Network Sonar Discovery, with focus this time on how people initial experiences with it.  If you can remember your first experiences with Discovery, take the survey and let us know about it!


You must be a current SolarWinds Orion customer or currently evaluating any SolarWinds Orion products (NPM, SAM, NCM, NTA, WPM, VNQM, IPAM, UDT) to take the survey. We’ll ask you a few questions at the beginning of the survey to make sure you’re a right fit. Even if you don’t qualify to take the survey, you will still get 250 thwack points!


As a thanks to all who qualify and complete the survey, we'll award 500 thwack points.


Take our survey