It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time to belt out your best IT renditions of classic love songs. One of our favorites is Celine Dion’s The Power of [IT] Love:


‘Cause I am your [IT pro]

And you are my [end user]

Whenever you reach for me

I’ll do all that I can


And how true that is. You IT pros really do go above and beyond. Monday through Friday and most weekends, too, you work LONG hours to ensure your end users’ machines are in tip-top shape, the network is secure and printers are free of jams.


Talk about sweeping end users off their feet! What are they not to love about all you do for them?


So, tell us—what’s the most impressive thing an end user has done for you to express their gratitude for your amazing labors of love? A box of donuts? Putting in a good word with the boss man? A dozen red roses? (OK, probably not a dozen red roses, but you get the idea.)


Use the comments section below to tell us the story about the last time you felt truly loved by your end users by Wednesday, February 4, and we’ll be sure to give you an extra loving bundle of 250 thwack points.