Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2014 treated you well and 2015 delivers ten fold in your favor. This month we're kick starting the new year with a few resolutions of our own, let's see if you can keep up. The latest version of SolarWinds Web Help Desk 12.2 was recently released with several new features, like DameWare integration and Asset Reporting, and in true SolarWinds fashion, we've already started work on the next release. Throughout the month we will be highlighting new features included in WHD 12.2 along with best practices and how-to's to help you own 2015 as a Help Desk Pro. Successfully make it through all 4 of our resolutions and 16 of you will walk away with some sweet prizes!


January's Mission

Think you can make it through Help Desk Resolutions? We've assigned a resolution to each day of the week (Monday - Thursday) to show how Web Help Desk can help save you money, be healthier, self-improve, and provide better customer service. Even the prizes (all 16 of them!) are aligned with each resolution's theme. Simply answer each daily question and be entered to win that day's prize. Follow the rules below to play.


Mission Rules

  1. One question will be released everyday starting January 5th (Monday - Thursday).
    1. Once a question opens, it will remain open until January 29th @ 11:59PM CT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  2. Only your first attempt at each daily question will count. Check your answers before submitting!
  3. 200 points will be awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 16 daily questions which means you can earn up to 3,200 points for this mission.
    1. Points and badges will be applied to profiles once the mission has closed.
  4. Prize drawings will take place on January 30th. There will be a total of 16 winners and prizes are sorted by days of the week, see below. Successfully answer a daily question and your name will be in that day's drawing (ex. correctly answer day 1's question and your name will be included in the day 1 drawing).
    1. Monday quizzes: Nest Learning Thermostat
    2. Tuesday quizzes: Vitamix 5200 Standard – Getting Started
    3. Wednesday quizzes: CBT Nuggets – 1 month of Training
    4. Thursday quizzes: $400 Amazon Gift Card



Correctly answer all 16 daily quizzes and your name will be in all 12 drawings!

Monday: Save Money

Prize: Nest Learning Thermostat

Tuesday: Be Healthy, Relieve Stress

Prize: Vitamix 5200 Standard

Wednesday: Self-Improvement

Prize: CBT Nuggets - 1 month of Training

Thursday: Pay It Forward

Prize: $400 Amazon gift card


January 5th

Question 1

January 6th

Question 2

January 7th

Question 3

January 8th

Question 4

January 12th

Question 5

January 13th

Question 6

January 14th

Question 7

January 15th

Question 8

January 19th

Question 9

January 20th

Question 10

January 21st

Question 11

January 22nd

Question 12

January 26th

Question 13

January 27th

Question 14

January 28th

Question 15

January 29th

Question 16

January 30th

Grand Prize Drawings x16