If you aren't aware by now, the world is a dangerous place. Hackers are on the loose, insider threats are rising, and worst of all – compliance auditors are double and triple checking everything. Your mission, if you choose to accept is to be the best Security IT Pro the world has ever seen. To help you complete your mission we’ve authorized the use of a few, special team members.


Meet your team:


Twitter: @SWI_Security

Linkedin: SolarWinds Security


If you follow them, these skilled team members will help you understand best practices for network security, log data management, and compliance regulations. They are also a great way to reach out to our community of IT professionals and put you in touch with what interests you most:

  • Looking for a specific technical resource (whitepapers, tech-tips, how-to, and case studies)?
  • Need quick access to information on features or updates for specific products, applications, solutions, etc.?
  • Interested in product trends and current events?
  • And a lot more…


Of course while on your mission you need a break every now and then. You deserve some fun and entertainment. On the SolarWinds security social channels you will find all our great contests (with super cool prizes!), sweepstakes, and event announcements.


This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1 …

You can find the installation packages in your customer portal. This service release:


  • Upgrades Orion Platform (2014.2.1):
    This version includes the latest Orion Platform features and versions of existing components.
  • Includes a Parameter for Specifying a Password Prompt in Device Templates:
    This version enables you to specify the password prompt issued by a device as part of the device template, in case NCM is having trouble recognizing the device's prompt (for example, due to unsupported characters).
  • Enhances Support for SWIS Connections:
    The version modifies NCM software to process SWIS connections to any poller.
  • Accounts for the SolarWinds Alerting Service V2:
    This version fixes a problem with the NCM installer not shutting down a specific Orion Platform service.
  • Restores Test Button:
    This version fixes an error with Test button in Edit Properties resource for a node.
  • Enforces Reserved Words:
    In this version NCM ignores custom property names that include reserved words.
  • Moves a Data Migration Module:
    This version fixes a bug related to the location of data migration code module.
  • Restores "Overall Policy Violations" Resource:
    This release resolves a problem that prevents this resource from displaying.
  • Supports SQL Server 2012 SP2:
    NCM now supports this version of SQL Server.


Further details and list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes.

It's a Usabili-buddy Extravaganza! Usabili-what? Do you have ideas on how things could be done more efficiently within your SolarWinds products to help make your job easier? What features should be added to your SolarWinds products? Or opinions on how SolarWinds can improve the customer experience overall?  Well, it's time to meet the SolarWinds User Experience team.


Who are we?

At SolarWinds we not only pride ourselves on building products that solve IT pros needs, but doing it with the help of IT pros themselves. How do we do this? Talking to our users! In addition to thwack, we have a whole team (User Experience or UX for short) dedicated to talking to users, gathering feedback, and providing that feedback to our product and leadership teams. The UX goal is to make working with us and our products the best that it can be.


What do we do?

We conduct various feedback session (usually virtual on Go to Meeting or the like) from mockups of early feature designs, to brainstorming new ideas and exploring how tools are being used in their environments.


What's in it for you?

Signing up to be a Usabili-buddy not only gains you access to the newest features and things we're working on but you can also earn up to 2,000 thwack points per session! That's right - earn points, a badge (see that shiny thing to the right?), AND tell us how you really feel about how this looks or that feature functions.  We're here to make what you want to see!


September Mission

This mission includes three pieces (do one or do them all…the more you do the more points and prizes you can earn!).


Becoming a usabili-buddy lets us know that you are interested in participating in feedback sessions that are a good fit for you. Becoming a usabili-buddy is easy, just fill out this quick 10 minute survey. >>

  • Number 2: Answer Daily Feedback Surveys
    • Earn 100 points per survey (15 total for a maximum of 1500 points)
    • Answer ALL 15 surveys and be entered to win a NVIDIA Shield 16 GB!

Psst... there is no right or wrong answer for this! We will be putting out a new question every weekday for the rest of this month. One survey will open each business day starting September 8th - 26th.  You have until September 30th to complete to qualify for the points and prize.


  • Number 3: Refer Folks to Become a Usabili-buddy
    • Earn 500 points for each referral (they MUST list you as the person who referred them when they sign up)
    • Earn 1 entry to win a $75 ThinkGeek gift card for each person you refer to the Usabili-buddy program

Get co-workers or other IT pros who are interested in providing feedback to become a Usabili-buddy and earn more! These people don’t have to work inside of SolarWinds products. Maybe they receive alerts from SolarWinds products, read reports sent by SolarWinds products, or even pay the bills…We're looking for feedback from everyone that interacts with our products and company in some way.  Referral MUST fill out this survey and list you as the person who referred them to receive credit.


You have until September 30th to take advantage of the points and prizes being offered this month.  Don't miss out!

































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