SolarWinds is pleased to announce IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.2 was released today.


In its greatest and latest version you may find following new features and improvements:

1) Automatic IPv4 subnet discovery.

  • No more obsolete information from spreadsheet during import, IPAM scans routing tables and gets your real list of subnets
  • Automatic detection of default gateways speeds up your discovery process
  • New interactive wizard which will help you organising new subnets from network discovery
  • Uses read only & SNMP protocol - supports almost all L3 network devices.


2) Automated MAC -> HW Vendor translation

  • Need monthly audit reports? IPAM resolve MAC to Vendor Icon and name automatically.
  • Contains over 4500 vendors in up-to date internal database (doesn't need internet connectivity to resolve MAC)
  • Looking for a specific device? Search for specific vendor name and IPAM shows you a list of assigned IP addresses


3) Improvements in DHCP and DNS management

  • Speed-up your daily routine tasks - PTR records are created automatically with A or AAAA records on your DNS servers, no space for typos and mistakes.
  • Problems with server availability? New DNS Mismatch UI that scans your DNS servers and shows you where you have mismatch in forward and revers DNS records
  • Running DHCP in split-scope scenarios on multiple servers and want to see top utilised scopes before you run out of free IPs? New UI will tell you where you need to reclaim old IP addresses or re-size your DHCP scope

4) IPAM is now fully IPv6 compatible

  • Did you deploy IPv6 networks and devices but you don't have up-to date network map of IPv6 addresses? IPAM has now IPv6 IP Address discovery. It scans routers and their NDS tables for all IPv6 traffic and automatically assign discovered IP Addresses into your IPv6 subnets. You can run it every week or month and keep IPAM updated
  • Would you like to see IP address status history, when it went offline or if it uses same MAC address? IPAM now uses ICMP v6 protocol for scanning IP address status and also track MAC addresses in a history list.


You can read more details about its content in this post:IP Address Manager (IPAM) - Updated May 5, 2017and in product release notes:IPAM v4.2 Release Notes


This version is already waiting for download on customer portal.