With Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.1.0 just around the corner I'm happy to announce WPM 2.1.0 has entered Release Candidate phase. There are many improvements coming with this version, notably


  • Tighter integration with Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and Network Performance Monitor (NPM) to help you identify problems in your Web Application infrastructure faster
  • New integration allows you to
    • Create dependencies between Transactions and Applications and dependencies between Transactions and Nodes
    • Visualize the relationship and status of infrastructure components that can impact Web transactions
    • Visualize the relationship and status of Web transactions alongside node and application performance (New Transactions subview in Node Details page and New Transactions subview in Application Details page)
  • Ability to create dependencies between Transactions and other Orion objects like Groups or Interfaces and also between Locations and other Orion objects
  • Recorder usability improvements include:
    • Positive and negative text and image match
    • Simple conditionals to handle web application variance
    • Ability to multi-select steps for easier editing in Recorder
    • Multi-variant text inputs
    • Logically group transactions and recordings with custom properties
  • Support for web-based reporting


You can find more details in Web Performance Monitor 2.1.0 Beta is available blog post and Web Performance Monitor 2.1.0 - What's Coming in Recorder.


WPM 2.1.0 RC is available in your customer portal today. RC's are fully supported and upgradable to the final GA version (if it differs from RC.)


Please let us know if there are any questions. Comments welcomed below.