You can find the installation packages in your customer portal. This service release:


  • Upgrades Orion Platform:
    This version includes the latest Orion Platform features and versions of existing components.
  • Enables Storing of Config Archives on Network Share:
    This version more effectively enables storing your growing archive of device configs on a permissioned network share.
  • Maintains Job Logs:
    The database maintenance job now remove job logs of a specified size and age.
  • Removes Unnecessary Node Information:
    Orion Platform nodes no longer have a Configs subview under Node Details.


Further details and list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes.

Are you awaiting new features we've been working on for IPAM 4.2? then I have a great news for you. Our IPAM 4.2 Release Candidate 1 is here and it's literally packed with new functionality. Here comes a quick overview on what's new:


1) Automatic IPv4 subnet discovery.

  • No more obsolete information from spreadsheet during import, IPAM scans routing tables and gets your real list of subnets
  • Automatic detection of default gateways speeds up your discovery process
  • New interactive wizard which will help you organising new subnets from network discovery
  • Uses read only & SNMP protocol - supports almost all L3 network devices.

2) Automated MAC -> HW Vendor translation

  • Need monthly audit reports? IPAM resolve MAC to Vendor Icon and name automatically.
  • Contains over 4500 vendors in up-to date internal database (doesn't need internet connectivity to resolve MAC)
  • Looking for a specific device? Search for specific vendor name and IPAM shows you a list of assigned IP addresses

3) Improvements in DHCP and DNS management

  • Speed-up your daily routine tasks - PTR records are created automatically with A or AAAA records on your DNS servers, no space for typos and mistakes.
  • Problems with server availability? New DNS Mismatch UI that scans your DNS servers and shows you where you have mismatch in forward and revers DNS records
  • Running DHCP in split-scope scenarios on multiple servers and want to see top utilised scopes before you run out of free IPs? New UI will tell you where you need to reclaim old IP addresses or re-size your DHCP scope

4) IPAM is now fully IPv6 compatible

  • Did you deploy IPv6 networks and devices but you don't have up-to date network map of IPv6 addresses? IPAM has now IPv6 IP Address discovery. It scans routers and their NDS tables for all IPv6 traffic and automatically assign discovered IP Addresses into your IPv6 subnets. You can run it every week or month and keep IPAM updated
  • Would you like to see IP address status history, when it went offline or if it uses same MAC address? IPAM now uses ICMP v6 protocol for scanning IP address status and also track MAC addresses in a history list.


Can't wait to see that live on your environment? If you under IPAM active maintenance go to your customer portal and download RC version. It's fully supported and you can install that as an update on your production systems.


You can also help us answer two questions about IPAM and get direct download links from HERE.

I'm very excited to announce we have Release Candidate 1 of VNQM 4.2 with native support for Avaya call managers and gateways and call quality monitoring and troubleshooting. Here is the short list of features:


  • Support for Avaya VoIP call troubleshooting and monitoring
    • CDR and CQR monitoring of 1:1 and conference VoIP calls
    • MOS, Jitter, Latency, and end-point information
    • Visualization of call signaling
    • Call manager failed call and call quality statistics
    • Avaya Gateway detection and call success rate monitoring
    • Reporting and alerting for Avaya VoIP statistics


  • Faster search of CDR and CQE records
  • Call Manager phone registration resource with full text search and other new features
  • Export to spreadsheet directly from search detail page

We are very interested to see this version up and running on your environment - production. And our Support or Engineering teams may help you if needed. For more information about how to get the download click here.

You may find AdminGuide in attachment of this post and start at page 64 which is related to Avaya installation.

Calling all SolarWinds customers heading to VMworld 2014!  We are looking for 1-2 customers to present at a short event SolarWinds will be hosting at VMWorld the week of August 25th.  It would involve an approximately 20 minute presentation to both a live and a live streamed audience on real customer case studies involving troubleshooting application performance problems across application and infrastructure stack layers (e.g., Application, Virtualization, Storage). The presentation would most likely be between 7 and 8:30 am on Wed. Aug 27 near the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Customer was involved first hand in identifying, troubleshooting or correcting the problem
  • The problem cause an impact to an application that had some level of business impact
  • To troubleshoot the problem, the IT team had to look across infrastructure layer to determine where the root cause occurred
  • Must own at least SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor or Virtualization Manager and have used a SolarWinds product to identify the root cause
  • Be willing to use their name and title in promotional materials


Time & Logistics:

  • Structured whiteboard/paper flip chart presentation, no slides
  • Describe the problem, business impacts, troubleshooting process, and resolution
  • Presentation time is targeted for 20 min. If there are two presenters is could be 10-15 min
  • Estimated 4 hours minimum preparation time for presentation
  • 2-3 coordination meetings with SolarWinds – we will help as much as possible
  • One dry run presentation either by phone or at a time TBD on-site.

Compensation will be provided.  Please comment below or message DanielleH if you would be interested in this opportunity!

Join me with a sigh of relief because the thwack Monthly Mission has returned!  Hopefully everyone had a relaxing weekend, and for those of you in the U.S.A., hoping you enjoyed an extended weekend for our Independence Day.  This month we're introducing SolarWinds' newest Free Tool, Response Time Viewer for Wireshark®.  This Free Tool analyzes packet capture (PCAP) files to calculate application and network response times, data volume and transaction count, and identify and classify over 1200 applications.  But before we get started, please make sure you've completed the thwack Monthly (Mini) Mission - June 2014.  This information must be associated with your thwack profile in order to participate in July's mission.  it should take you less than 5 minutes to complete and you'll earn up to 2,000 points for completing!


July's Mission

#DPIChallenge is the name of the game.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a new question will be released about deep packet inspection using the RTV tool for Wireshark®.  Each week we're giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards to a few lucky winners.  Follow the rules below to play and as mentioned, make sure you've completed the thwack Monthly (Mini) Mission - June 2014.


  1. All questions will be released on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  Follow us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn to receive the links to each day's question.
    1. Follow us on Twitter @SWI_network
    2. Follow us on LinkedIn SolarWinds Network
  2. 1 question will be released every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at 10am CDT on both our Twitter and LinkedIn handles.  Once a question opens, it will remain open until the end of the mission.
  3. Answer all 3 questions correctly throughout the week and you'll be entered to win 1 of 2 $200 Amazon gift cards - that's right, 2 winners each week!
  4. Only your first submission to each question will count - double check your answers before submitting.
  5. 250 points will be awarded for each correctly answered question.
    1. Points will be awarded at the end of the mission.
  6. There will be one BONUS round each week.  Simply make sure you're answering each of the daily questions because the BONUS task will be on the results page of a randomly selected question each week.  Those who complete the BONUS within 24 hours of opening will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card each week.



Follow @SWI_network or SolarWinds Network to receive updates and links to each question. 

Questions will be released at 10am CDT each day.


Mission launched

July 8

Question 1

July 9

Question 2

July 10

Question 3

Draw 2 winners for Week 1 - $200 each

Draw the BONUS winner for Week 1 - $100

July 15

Question 4

July 16

Question 5

July 17

Question 6

Draw 2 winners for Week 2 - $200 each

Draw the BONUS winner for Week 2 - $100

July 22

Question 7

July 23

Question 8

July 24

Question 9

Draw 2 winners for Week 3 - $200 each

Draw the BONUS winner for Week 3 - $100

July 29

Question 10

July 30

Question 11

July 31

Question 12

Draw 2 winners for Week 4 - $200 each

Draw the BONUS winner for Week 4 - $100

Mission closed

Kiwi Syslog v9.4.1 – HotFix1


This HotFix addresses the following error on Windows 2012 Systems:"Kiwi Syslog Service is unable to restart on Windows 2012 system. A System reboot is required to start the service".

You do not need to install this HotFix if you are not experiencing this issue.This fix requires SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog Server 9.4.1.



  1. Log on as an administrator to the System.
  2. Open Kiwi Syslog Manager and take a backup of the settings by using export settings option (File->Export settings to INI file)
  3. Stop Kiwi Syslog Service through services.msc (Run->Services.msc)
  4. Close Kiwi Syslog Server Console.
  5. Delete Syslogd_Service.exe and Syslogd_Manager.exe from application folder*.
  6. Unzip the hotfix zip file to KSS application folder*.
  7. Open file Hotfix_KSS.bat from application folder* using notepad.
  8. Set 'Var' variable to "KSS application folder*\Syslogd_Service.exe" [2nd line: set var= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Syslogd\Syslogd_Service.exe"], if the application folder is different.
  9. Save the Hotfix_KSS.bat file and then run the bat file (Double click on the file)
  10. Start Kiwi Syslog Service through services.msc



*for 64-bit "C:\Program Files (x86)\Syslogd"; for 32-bit "C:\Program Files\Syslogd"


o uninstall this HotFix:

  1. Log on as an administrator to the System.
  2. Uninstall Kiwi Syslog Server installed from control panel.

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