Is this year going by fast or what?  It feels like I was putting together the January mission just last week. We're already into May and if you're anything like me, you've been planning your summer vacation(s).  Another thing we may have in common is having trouble putting work down even when you're out of the office.  Of course your reasons probably involve ensuring your end-users are taken care of while you're gone, I simply have separation anxiety from the "thwackPack" if we aren't in touch every few days.  Luckily, I work on a SaaS based platform to make changes on the fly.  And for all of you IT Pros, DameWare Remote Support 11.0 provides support to end-users whether you're in office or on the other side of the world.  Let's take a trip around the world to learn more on just how DRS 11.0 can make those work-related tasks a breeze while you're enjoying a Mai Tai on your next vacation.


May's Mission

Embark on your journey in this month's mission, Expedition DameWare.  During your travels, we'll be giving out a $25 AmEx card each day for those who answer that day's question within 24 hours of it opening (i.e. those who answer Day 1's question before Day 2 opens, will be entered into the Day 1 gift card drawing).  Answer all 20 questions correctly, and you'll be entered to win 2 round-trip airline tickets to choose your own adventure!  Follow the rules below to play.


Mission Rules

  1. 1 question will open every business day until the end of May for a total of 20 questions.  Once a question opens, it will remain open until the end of the mission.
  2. Answer each question within 24 hours of it's opening, and be entered to win a $25 AmEx gift card for that day.
    1. Gift card winners will be announced in the comments below the day after a question has opened (e.g. Monday's winner will be drawn on Tuesday, Tuesday's winner will be drawn on Wednesday, etc.)
  3. Answer all 20 questions correctly and be entered to win 2 round-trip airline tickets to a destination of your choice (retail $1000.00 USD).
  4. Only your first submission to each question will count - double check your answers before submitting!
  5. 150 points will be awarded for each correctly answered question for a possible total of 3000 points.
    1. Points will be awarded at the end of the mission.


Click on the links below to answer the questions - each question will open @ 12am CDT on it's respective day.


May 5, Q1

May 6, Q2

May 7, Q3

May 8, Q4

May 9, Q5

May 12, Q6

May 13, Q7

May 14, Q8

May 15, Q9

May 16, Q10

May 19, Q11

May 20, Q12

May 21, Q13

May 22, Q14

May 23, Q15

May 26, Q16

May 27, Q17

May 28, Q18

May 29, Q19

May 30, Q20


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