With converged infrastructure and increasingly sophisticated network fabrics, your environment relies on high performance connectivity to get work done. So when complex, end-to-end problems hit, you need proven and integrated techniques to quickly diagnose the root causes.


Join Francois Caron, Director of Product Management at SolarWinds as he demonstrates how to correlate, troubleshoot, and fix application latency problems in server, LAN and WAN infrastructure. In this event you will learn how to utilize:


  • Application KPI’s
  • Synthetic application and network transactions
  • IPSLA and NetFlow (technologies already built into your Cisco devices)
  • Device monitoring and configuration


In addition, you will also see what’s new in SolarWinds products and what we are currently working on.


This free 90-minute event includes lunch and will provide you an excellent opportunity to meet other SolarWinds customers and product experts.


And if that isn't incentive enough, the first 50 customer to register and attend will receive a $25 AMEX gift card and all attendees will be eligible to enter for a deluxe remote controlled drone helicopter!


When: May 20th, 11:30AM to 1:00PM Pacific Time
Where: W Hotel, San Francisco, CA (Around the corner from the Moscone Center)
Cost: 100% Free


Register Here

Space is limited so save your spot today.

We are nearing a decision regarding our first "SolarWinds User University" for 2015 and we need some additional advice. In thinking about your day, we are worried about taking time away from the normal work day given your need to keep the IT systems alive and deal with help desk issues. Please take our survey to let us know what travel times are convenient for you.  250 thwack points will be awarded to respondents when the survey closes.

Thank you for the feedback, as always!

We have reached the Release Candidate (RC) status for Network Configuration Manager 7.3. RC is the last step before general availability and is a chance for existing customers to get the newest functionality before it is available to everyone else.


Here is the content of this RC version:

  • NCM and NPM databases become merged
    Streamlined node management: Using a single database enables NCM to manage its nodes, adding and removing them, on the Orion Platform HOME page.
    Optimized reading and writing: Merging the NCM into the Orion Platform database, and using a single database schema, facilitates the NCM software’s use of SQL statements to efficiently manage the insertion, retrieval, and modification of data.
    Account limitations applied to jobs: Using a single database enables NCM to apply Orion Platform account limitations in creating and managing jobs.
    Subviews: Using a single database schema allows NCM to efficiently support subviews.
  • Enhanced Configuration Management
    This version introduces a much more flexible user interface for doing your configuration management work.
  • Enhanced EOL/EOS data and data management.
    NCM offers additional EOL/EOS inofrmation and higher granularity for tracking the reliability of the data.
  • Enhanced Web Console
    • Admins can clear all transfers for all users from the Transfer Status resource.
    • Jobs Summary sorts by any column in the table.
    • Users can preview the list of nodes assigned to a job when the criterion is "Dynamic".
    • NCM uses SWISv3 to manage the web console’s database transactions.

More details and screenshots can be found in Beta2 for Network Configuration Manager v7.3 is Available!.


RC builds are made available to existing customers prior to the formal release. These are used to get customer feedback in production environments and are fully supported. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leverage the NCM RC forum.

You will find the latest version on your customer portal in the Release Candidate section.

For all customers with active maintenance on Virtualization Manager through 7/1/2014, VMAN 6.1 RC2 bits can be downloaded from your Customer Portal and installation instructions can be found in the attached PDF. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding. Note that Release Candidates are fully tested and supported releases and are suitable to be run in production. 6.1 RC2 can be run as an upgrade from 6.1 RC1, as well as from 6.0 or 6.0.1 installs. If you have problems with the RC, you can file a ticket with Support just as you would for any other Generally Available (GA) version.


I look forward to your feedback on the RC in the VMAN RC Forum!  To get acquainted with the new features in 6.1, reference this blog post on Beta 3. For information on the 6.1 Beta 1, reference this Product Blog post on Thwack! If you’d like to arrange a call with me to discuss this version of VMAN, or anything else related to SolarWinds or VMAN, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


VMan 6.1 RC 2 is cumulative with 6.1 RC1, 6.1 Betas, 6.0.1 HotFixes and provides support for dramatically improved functionality VMAN data inside the Orion integration with NPM & SAM:

  • Account Limitations (Role-based Access Control)
  • Baselining (aka Dynamic Thresholds) for VMs, Hosts, Clusters, and Datastores
  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • Hyper-V Clusters
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


Fixes included in 6.1 RC2 (differences from RC1):

  • 326000 – For a user with an account limitation on a single cluster or a group of clusters, the storage tab under the Cluster Details page was not visible. This issue has been addressed. The only exception is when there are no hosts under a cluster; the storage tab will still be unavailable. This is by design.
  • 327167 – In certain situations, IP addresses for VMs on a Hyper-V host were being misinterpreted on the Orion side. In Orion, this could have potentially resulted in missing nodes to VMs associations. Without this resolution, it would have required a manual update to the IP address field on the “Add Node” page in Orion. This is no longer necessary.
  • 328316 – When a Hyper-V VM is in off-critical state, no data for the Hyper-V server was available on the Orion side. This has been addressed.
  • 328844 – Data sent from VMAN to Orion did not pass correct time-zone information to Orion.  Depending on the Orion time-zone, this could have resulted in incorrect time data to be stored in the database. This would have caused incorrect details to be displayed on various resources and charts. VMAN passes correct time-zone information to Orion now.
  • Other miscellaneous internal-only fixes

Whew!  What a week it has been.  A lot of heartburn over the Heartbleed vulnerability for many.  We're interested (and we hope you are as well) in getting beyond the hype and understanding how it is effecting all our beloved IT pros out there.  The more that take the survey - the more interesting the results!  (and might produce some stats that would be good to share with your statistic hungry manager) Take a moment to answer as we would love to hear below how Heartbleed has affected you.


Take our survey


Also, if you haven't already, please look at SolarWinds Heartbleed impact roll-up - (Executive summary: Don't worry).


We are pleased to announce the general availability of Kiwi CatTools v3.10.


This version includes the following enhancements:

  • Variations added to the following device types: Cisco Router.General, Cisco.Switch.IOS.
  • Variations added to the following device types: Dell.Switch.CLI, HP.Switch.2500, and Enterasys.SecureStack.
  • Monthly Scheduling options on Activites.
  • Support for Cisco Small Business devices.
  • Support for HP Devices 12000, 12500, and 3500.
  • New option to ignore a block of text from comparison during Device Running Config activity.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Newest SolarWinds licensing framework adopted.


Kiwi CatTools v3.10 is available for download in your customer portal for those customers under current Kiwi CatTools maintenance.


You can view the full set of release notes, including problems fixed here.


Enjoy Kiwi CatTools 3.10!

First off, I'd like to thank April Fools for happening when it did.  As you'll notice in the comments, we had a bit of a hang up getting this mission ready to go on the 1st of the month like normal.  That being said, the prank was completely intended but hopefully you all are ready for April's mission now!


This month's mission is significant because not only are we celebrating the 15th anniversary of Engineer's Toolset but more importantly, we're celebrating 15 years of SolarWinds.  Back in 1999, the Yonce brothers were two guys working in an IT department.  Knowing the pain network engineer's suffered due to the available tools (or lack thereof), they ventured out to create a product that was not only easy to deploy and use, but could also diagnose network issues more accurately and efficiently than any other product available at the time.  In addition to the tool itself, their model was to sell directly to the IT Pro.  So, that's what they did...  In their garage, of course.  That's when SolarWinds got its start in the IT management sector with our first product appropriately dubbed The Engineer's Toolset. This product is still available today with several new features coming but also carries the tools which eventually spun into our ever popular Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager, just to name a few.


So, please join us in celebrating 15 years of SolarWinds and in what better fashion than with a bit of gambling...


April's Mission

Networks, Tools & Wagers is the name of the game.  We'll have 4 categories with 4 trivia questions each that will open over the course of the month.  Hidden in each of the categories is 1 THWACK STACK where you will be able to wager your thwack points.  Answer the question correctly, and your points will increase by your wager.  Answer the question incorrectly and your points will decrease by your wager... womp womp womp.  In addition to the betting of points, if you answer the other 12 "regular" questions correctly, you'll be entered to win a license of Engineer's Toolset PLUS a 32GB Google Nexus 7 (because Engineer's Toolset is all mobile and everything now...).  We'll be picking 5 lucky winners at the end of the month.  Follow the rules below to play.


Mission Rules

  1. There are 4 categories with 4 questions each for 16 questions total.  Below is the release schedule for each of the categories.  Once a category opens, it will remain open until April 30th @ 11:59pm CDT.
    1. April 1st - Engineer's Toolset trivia
    2. April 7th - Old Version Names for Engineer's Toolset
    3. April 14th - Network trivia
    4. April 21st - SolarWinds trivia
  2. Answer ALL "regular" questions correctly and you'll be entered to the drawing.  That's a total of 12 questions (3 per category) answered correctly to be entered to win. THWACK STACK questions do not apply to the prize drawing.
  3. There will be 1 THWACK STACK question in each category.  As mentioned, these questions do not qualify you to be entered to win the prize.  THWACK STACK questions are solely intended for you to either level up (or level down...) in thwack points.
    1. On the question page, you'll see a menu to choose how many points you'd like to wager.  The more confident you are in your answer, the higher I would bet.
    2. Answer the question correctly, your points will increase by your wager.
    3. Answer the question incorrectly, your points will decrease by your wager.
  4. 1 attempt at each question - triple check your answer before submitting!
  5. The drawing for 5 winners of an Engineer's Toolset license* AND 32 GB Google Nexus 7 will be on May 1st.
  6. The point value for each question is revealed in the table below.  Aside from the THWACK STACK questions, you can earn up to 3,000 points this month by correctly answering the questions.  You'll earn well over that amount if you answer the THWACK STACK questions correctly.
  7. Points will be added to profiles at the end of the mission.


Click on the links below to start answering questions!


Engineer's Toolset

Opens April 1

Old Version Names of

Engineer's Toolset

Opens April 7th

Network Trivia

Opens April 14th

SolarWinds Trivia

Opens April 21st




















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