Our GRAND PRIZE WINNER of an HD Projector AND a 6-month subscription to Netflix is... xbod! Congratulations!

We also have 3 runner-ups who are the winners of a 6-month Netflix subscription.  Congratulations to dbucks01, syldra, and lwpeters!



There's lot of things that come to mind for the month of February... Goundhog Day, a couple President's birthdays, Clean Out Your Computer Day (yes, it's a real thing, February 8th, mark your calendars).  But when most people think of February, they probably think of Valentines Day and this month we're spreading the love for our DBAs!  Several months ago, Confio Ignite became part of the SolarWinds family and today we're happy to announce Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) now has a home on thwack.  So, whether you're a seasoned DBA but you're new to thwack or you're a seasoned thwack user but you're new to database management, this month will serve as the meeting point for all.


February's Mission

Meet The Database Monsters! There are 7 monsters and each has their own 3-question quiz for you to answer.  If you can successfully get through at least 5 of the monster quizzes, you'll be entered to win 1 or 3 Netflix 6-month subscriptions.  If you defeat all 7 monsters, you'll be entered to win our grand prize: a HD Projector + Netflix 6-month subscription.


Mission Rules

  1. All 7 quizzes will open on February 3rd and remain open until February 28th.
  2. Only your first attempt on each quiz will count. Be sure to triple check your answers before hitting submit!
  3. Score 100% on all 7 quizzes and you will be entered to our grand prize drawing: HD projector + Netflix subscription.
  4. Score 100% on 5 or more quizzes and you will be entered to win 1 of 3 Netflix subscriptions.
  5. For each correctly answered quiz, you will receive:
    1. 400 points (x 7 quizzes means you can earn a maximum of 2800 points this month)
    2. The monster badge for that quiz
    3. *Both the points and badges will be applied to your profile once the mission has closed*
  6. The drawings will be held on March 3rd.
  7. Terms & Conditions for US, UK, Canada, and Germany are attached to this blog.


Click on a monster to get started!

      Query Blocker            Blame-o-Saurus            DevObstacle            SE Feature Leecher      
  Performance Hog            Virtual Vandal            Time-Sucka'