I am pleased to announce the General Availability of Netflow Traffic Analyzer - NTA - v4.0.


The benefits of NTA v4.0 are:

  • Larger customers will benefit from a dramatic improvement of the flow processing capabilities (at least 5 times more flows compared to NTA 3.x)
  • All customer sizes will benefit from more accurate network troubleshooting data, based on the possibility to retain highly granular flow data (1 minute) for months vs. hours before
  • Existing customers will see visibly improved performance of NTA itself, as well as all other products running on the same servers.
  • All customers will benefit from the ease of use brought by the new Orion Core platform reporting module
  • FIPS compatibility


NTA v4.0 release notes are here


You can find important FAQs about v4.0 here


We all hope you enjoy this major release of NTA!