For this month's mission you're going to need to fine tune your deductive reasoning skills.  Do not underrate your own abilities.  Propel yourself on this errand and apply only the obvious conclusions that befit a person of  your wisdom and skills of observation.  Now don't waste any time my dears... The game is afoot!


November's Mission

Get ready to Solve The Case of The Stolen Data!  We will release 5 clues for you to solve each week.  The clues will focus on SolarWinds security products (Serv-U, Patch Manager, Log & Event Manager, and Firewall Security Manager).  Correctly answer all 15 clues and you'll be entered to win a Remote Flying Drone! And if you were thinking we're going to leave you hanging without the latest Android OS to fly this crazy thing, you'd be wrong.  The winner will also walk away with a Google Nexus 7 which can be used to remotely fly the drone.  We're also throwing in a BONUS week which, when completed, will better your chances at winning.  Make sure to carefully read through the mission rules below.  Oh, and there is a crossword to help you along the way.  Download the printable crossword from the bottom of this blog and fill out your answers as you move along.  We will reveal the answers once the mission has closed.


Mission Rules

  1. Each week will open on Mondays at 12am CST and remain open until the mission closes on November 30.  Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  2. 750 points are being awarded for each successfully completed week of clues.  There are 3 weeks + the bonus week which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.
  3. You must correctly answer Clue 1 before you can move on to Clue 2 and so forth.  This means the points for each week are all or nothing.  You are allowed to guess an unlimited amount of times for each clue, but you will only move on to the next clue once the correct word has been entered.  I've tried to accommodate several variations of each answer so capitalization and other minor details should not be a problem.  Please contact me if you feel you have the right answer but are having trouble moving forward.
  4. Those who successfully complete all 3 weeks of clues will be entered into the drawing for our grand prize.  If you complete the bonus week, you will earn 1 extra entry to the drawing, thus bettering your chances at winning.
  5. Points/badges will be added and accounted for at the end of the mission.
  6. The grand prize drawing will be held on December 2nd (Terms & Conditions).


Good luck!


Weekly Clues



Week 1: Clues 1 - 5November 4th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Week 2: Clues 6 - 10November 11th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Week 3: Clues 11 - 15November 18th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Bonus Week: Clues 16 & 17November 25th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST