You can find the installation packages in your customer portal. This service release delivers:

  • Fixes a bug that causes problems with scheduled jobs when config wizard was aborted.
  • Enables the user to add devices to an existing scheduled job.
    Note: The user interface for selecting individual nodes supports up to about 1,000 nodes.
  • Enhances the flexibility of device templates by providing the possibility to specify the "newline" character.

We are thinking about Integration. More specifically, we are thinking about integrating our products so that you users can take benefit of integrated functions.


The Survey will take 5-8 minutes of your time to completion. We will award you 500 Thwack points, if taken before December 6, 2013


Now is the time to make your voice heard !


SolarWinds Network Products Integration Customer Survey 2013


SolarWinds Product Management

swi_lab_logo_clear_bg.pngPlease join our Head Geeks today, at 1pm central for SolarWinds Lab. Just go to to watch the show and join the chat.


Ever wanted to turn your SolarWinds Orion Platform application, (NPM, NCM, SAM, etc.), into an automation platform?  Join our Head Geeks as they provide an introduction to the SolarWinds API, including SWIS, SWQL, SOAP, JSON, OS/platform interoperability, CRUD action overviews and more.  We’ll have live programming demos, tips and tricks, and of course, all the info to help make sure you don’t shot yourself in the foot with this powerful addition to the SolarWinds technology stack.


Can't join then? The recorded version will be on directly after the show.



I am pleased to announce the General Availability of Firewall Security Manager v6.6 (FSM).

This release delivers the main features of FSM integrated to the Orion WEB interface. Among them:

  • Dashboard summarizing the overall security stance across all your firewalls (e.g. PCI Compliance, Security overview…)
  • The Firewall Detail view, making it fast and easy to locate the desired security rules
  • Access to security and config cleanup reports


FSM dashboard.png

FSM details.png

You can find the release notes for FSM v6.6 here

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper v2.0. This release contains the following product enhancements and new features



  • Introduction of Shared Credential storage.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Mapping
  • Schedule export of NTM Maps to Network Atlas
  • Ability to modify system generated node name, node role and management IP Address
  • Ability to manually connect nodes.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliancy
  • Migrated to GEN3 Licensing model


For details on these features please visit my previous announcement about NTM 2.0 RC release.

You can view the notable bug fixes and limitations of NTM here

Users having valid maintenance of NTM can download the latest NTM V2.0 bits from their Customer Portal.

We hope that you will enjoy the enhancements we made brought into the product!

Mobile Admin 8.1 released last week and includes support for a bunch of new features. See this blog post for details. In summary, Mobile Admin 8.1 added:


  • Overhauled Remote Desktop (RDP) including support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • iOS 7 Support
  • Better SolarWinds Orion integration including:
    • Orion Events
    • Alert Filtering
  • Updated service support:
    • Exchange 2013
    • BackupExec 2012
    • SCOM 2012
  • FIPS Compatibility
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

If you haven't taken the survey. This is your time to voice out, tools which you like to see on the web. We consider any new tools which are not present in the Desktop version too.



Toolset Product Management is conducting a short survey to obtain your feedback about toolset and its upcoming feature Web based Toolset. It's fifteen questions in total, which includes Customer satisfaction questions and should not take more than 5 minutes

We would appreciate your feedback, which will help us in the right direction to give a great release.


Please take the survey here

(You will be awarded 250 thwack points for completing this survey by 11/18/2013)


Thank you in advance.


Engineer's Toolset Product Management Team

We've taken some of the SAM 6.0 launch creative, sized them to fit various monitor sizes, and they are now available for download below.  Enjoy!

The sweepstakes for this campaign has closed but the mission is still active and is awarding 500 points upon completion.




First off, I'd like to personally welcome you to thwack.  I'll start off with a brief introduction of who we are then we'll jump right in.


Maybe you've heard rumblings of thwack or perhaps this is your first time hearing of us.  Whichever the case may be, I'm sure there is one question that stands out in your mind; What is thwack and why does it benefit me?    Simply put, thwack connects you with more than 130,000 community members who have contributed to help us make superior products, provide educational IT content, and most importantly, help IT professionals do their jobs  better.  Here we put you in direct contact with the people who manage and develop our products, here is where you have a say in the direction of our products, and here is where you get support and answers on the fly without  having to pick up the phone.  Crazy, huh?  A company that actually listens to their customers.  And you're just now getting here!  Without further ado, allow me to show you what you've been missing.


With almost 10 years of content, thwack can appear daunting to a first-comer.  To ease the learning curve, we're going quickly to guide you through some of the most important pieces of the site.  Along the way you'll earn  points (I'll elaborate on this a bit more later) and if you complete all of the tasks by October 31st, you'll be entered to win 1 of 10 Chromebooks!*  You do not need to complete these tasks in one sitting.  Feel free to come back at your  convenience.





Task 1 - How do you create an account?

No, we won't spam your inbox or add you to any marketing list.  Having an account simply allows you to contribute and take advantage of all the features on the site.  This should take less than a 5 minutes of your time.  To create an account, find the "Register" link on the top right hand corner of your screen.  You will need to be logged in in order to complete the rest of the tasks.


Task 2 - Where can you find content to extend your product's capabilities?

Here on thwack, you'll find thousands of downloadable templates, reports, scripts and more that allow you to customize and extend our products.  Some content in this area is created by SW employees and the rest has been created and shared with the community by our members.


For this task, navigate to the Content Exchange.  There is a shortcut to this area at the top of your screen, look for the button that appropriately reads "Content Exchange".  Any of our products that have downloadable content will be listed in the drop-down menu.  Feel free to choose a section of content that correlates to any product you're familiar with.  From there, browse through the documents until you find something that sparks interest.


Next, download the template, report, script, etc. that you've chosen.  You can then plug this item into the product which ultimately extends the functionality that is provided out-of-the-box (plugging the downloaded item into the product is not required to complete this task - however, we do recommend you check it out when time becomes available).


Task 3 - How can you influence the direction of a product?

As mentioned earlier, we greatly value customer input and will gladly review requests for new features.  Here on thwack you can submit an idea or feature request for future implementation.  Product Managers pay special attention to this concept of "ideation" and to gauge interest, we allow community members to vote on feature requests.  Let me quickly explain how the process works before I give you the task at hand.  There are 5 stages in which an idea can be slated for.  When a user creates an idea, it is placed into the "Recent" stage.  The Product Manager then reviews the request and will move the idea into 1 of 3 stages - Open for Voting, What We're Working On, or Closed.  If an idea is placed in the "Closed" stage, it means the request is either unfeasible or doesn't fit with the direction of the product.  The last stage is "Implemented" which means the feature has been added to the product.  You can read more here about the recent features that were added to our products because of the crowd-sourcing feature on thwack.


For this task, navigate to a product feature request forum.  There is a shortcut to this area at the top of your screen, look for the tab that reads "Feature Request".  Choose a product you are familiar with in the drop-down menu.  You'll then be dropped on a page which showcases the "top ideas" for that product (choose "show all" at the bottom of the list to see all ideas).  Find a feature request that would bring value to your environment and vote for it.

Forum  Network Performance Monitor Feature Requ...   thwack.png


Task 4 - Where can you get support while troubleshooting an issue?

The product forums are where you will get most of your support, from either other community members or a SolarWinds employee.  There are developers, product managers, community staff, and others that are here to answer your questions and help resolve issues.

For this task, navigate to a product forum.  There is a shortcut to this area at the top of your screen, look for the tab that reads "Product Forums".  Choose a product you are familiar within the drop-down menu.  You are now in that product's forum.  There is an exceptional amount of content in most of our forums so please take a minute to click around.  To narrow down the forum content to "discussions" or threads, click on the "Content" tab at the top of the forum.

Forum  Network Performance Monitor   thwack.png

Find a discussion thread that sparks your interest and "like" it.

Fixing the dreaded  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 S...   thwack.png

Task 5 - Where can you find product road-maps?

You can find the "What We're Working On" guide on the left side of the home page.  This post stands as a guide to what the teams are working on for each of our products. Once you've found the guide, bookmark it. 

What We Are Working On   thwack.png


Bookmarking a piece of content will place it in your bookmarks.



Task 6 - Where can you read blogs about SolarWinds products and other general IT topics?

We have several blogging areas here on thwack, 6 to be exact.  For this task, let's focus on 2 specific blogging areas: Product Blog and Geek Speak.


First, navigate to the Product Blog.  You can get there by clicking on "Product Forums" at the top of the page > Blogs > Product Blog. Some of these blogs may look familiar because they're actually streamed into our products, but I'll bet you didn't know they came from thwack.  Click on a blog that interests you and take a minute to read.  Make sure you click on the blog subject line for the action to be recorded.


Second, navigate to Geek Speak.  You can get there the same way you found the Product Blog: Product Forums > Blogs > Geek Speak.  Click on a blog that interests you and take a minute to read.  Make sure you click on the blog subject line for the action to be recorded.



That's it!  You've completed your first mission and earned 1,000 points to be used in the thwack Store! Below are a few other good resources to check out.  If you have questions on anything thwack, feel free to reach out to myself or MTorok.




Oh, and be sure to check out our FREE virtual event, thwackCamp 2013, which will be held October 8-11 right here on thwack.  We'll have live Q&A from Product Managers during each session.  Check out the schedule, join the group to RSVP, and earn earn some points and a badge along the way! We'll also being giving away some pretty sweet prizes daily (Xbox One anyone?).





*Terms & Conditions

Network Topology Mapper RC2 is now available. We fixed the following issues identified in RC1



  • FB234401 - Some nodes show up in ASCII Characters
  • FB257764 - NTM SR crashes  when '&' is entered to the "map name" field in Discovery Settings scene
  • FB280950 - Fix performance issue with orthogonal and layered layouts





Please update your NTM Application from your customer portal to latest version of RC


Do leave  feedback about RC2 on this thread.



Cliton Godinho

For this month's mission you're going to need to fine tune your deductive reasoning skills.  Do not underrate your own abilities.  Propel yourself on this errand and apply only the obvious conclusions that befit a person of  your wisdom and skills of observation.  Now don't waste any time my dears... The game is afoot!


November's Mission

Get ready to Solve The Case of The Stolen Data!  We will release 5 clues for you to solve each week.  The clues will focus on SolarWinds security products (Serv-U, Patch Manager, Log & Event Manager, and Firewall Security Manager).  Correctly answer all 15 clues and you'll be entered to win a Remote Flying Drone! And if you were thinking we're going to leave you hanging without the latest Android OS to fly this crazy thing, you'd be wrong.  The winner will also walk away with a Google Nexus 7 which can be used to remotely fly the drone.  We're also throwing in a BONUS week which, when completed, will better your chances at winning.  Make sure to carefully read through the mission rules below.  Oh, and there is a crossword to help you along the way.  Download the printable crossword from the bottom of this blog and fill out your answers as you move along.  We will reveal the answers once the mission has closed.


Mission Rules

  1. Each week will open on Mondays at 12am CST and remain open until the mission closes on November 30.  Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  2. 750 points are being awarded for each successfully completed week of clues.  There are 3 weeks + the bonus week which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.
  3. You must correctly answer Clue 1 before you can move on to Clue 2 and so forth.  This means the points for each week are all or nothing.  You are allowed to guess an unlimited amount of times for each clue, but you will only move on to the next clue once the correct word has been entered.  I've tried to accommodate several variations of each answer so capitalization and other minor details should not be a problem.  Please contact me if you feel you have the right answer but are having trouble moving forward.
  4. Those who successfully complete all 3 weeks of clues will be entered into the drawing for our grand prize.  If you complete the bonus week, you will earn 1 extra entry to the drawing, thus bettering your chances at winning.
  5. Points/badges will be added and accounted for at the end of the mission.
  6. The grand prize drawing will be held on December 2nd (Terms & Conditions).


Good luck!


Weekly Clues



Week 1: Clues 1 - 5November 4th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Week 2: Clues 6 - 10November 11th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Week 3: Clues 11 - 15November 18th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST
Bonus Week: Clues 16 & 17November 25th @ 12am CSTNovember 30th @ 11:59pm CST





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