SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) delivers unparalleled network monitoring. To further the view into your network performance and health, SolarWinds offers a complete suite of applications designed to let you drill down even further on the data you see in NPM. These additional applications integrate right out of the box. Tune into this concise, informative webcast to learn how you can get a deeper view into your network data with snap-in applications from SolarWinds.


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August 23, 1:00 p.m.

I wanted to let you know that a new Storage Manager 5.6 Release Candidate is now available.  If you are interested, please fill out the survey.

Some of the improvements to Storage Manager 5.6 include:

  • A completely new back-end database - MySQL has now been replaced with MariaDB
  • IBM SVC - Added Average Read and Write Transfer Size performance metrics
  • Improved default memory settings for the Storage Manager server
  • Improved preservation of Storage Manager Server configuration files on upgrades
  • Improved Storage Manager Server-Storage Manager Agent communication and status
  • A significant amount of bug fixes and stability improvements including:
    • Improvement in STM polling and database locks
    • Specific fixes for IBM DS 6K/8K, EMC VMAX, IBM SVC, and VMware
    • And much more!

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SolarWinds Web Help Desk 12.0.1. This is a service release, which contains number of improvements and fixes. Namely,


  • Installation issues with non-standard installations
  • Friendlier and more informative messages during installation and upgrade
  • Certificate issues on Exchange when running SSL.
  • Upgrade and migration issues.
  • PostgreSQL service does not start on Win2003.
  • E-Mail account type label includes Exchange 2013.
  • Exception when deleting an attachment.
  • Upgrade fails when IP Address is bound in WHD.conf.
  • Unable to create ticket notes using API.
  • Escalate privileges to admin when running WHD scripts in Windows.
  • WHD discovery Engine (WMI) ignores XP machines.
  • Escalate privileges to admin when running WHD installer.
  • Performance issues with SAVE operation on notes.
  • Installer blocks on maintenance expired.
  • Discovery engine not collecting HDD info.
  • Additional logging during migration.
  • Call uninstallation of whd from installer.
  • Update installation script to be HDD independent.
  • Verify previous installation of WHD.
  • Windows installation on different HDD.


You can view the full set of release notes here.


Download Web Help Desk now and have fun!

We have officially reached Release Candidate (RC) status for Network Configuration Manager 7.2. RC is the last step before general availability and is a chance for existing customers to get the newest functionality before it is available to everyone else.


Here is the content of this RC version:

  • Continue moving functionality from Win32 client to Web UI
    • Job management (Windows Task Scheduler not used anymore)
    • Config management (edit, delete, set baseline)
    • Possibility to test device login credentials
    • Import config from file
  • Provide End-of-Life information for managed devices.
  • Multiple global connection profiles
    • Define multiple connection profiles (device credentials, protocol, port etc.)
    • NCM will try which of the predefined connection profiles works for a device (configurable per device)
  • The execution of Config Change Templates can be scheduled.
  • Change Approval System enhancements
    • Approved requests to be executed at specified date/time
    • Approved requests to be returned to requestor for execution
    • Requesters can see a history of what they requested and was approved
    • Approvers can see a history of what they approved
  • SNMPv3 -- Support of AES-256 encryption
  • Inventory for Brocade devices
  • More devices supported natively (Palo Alto)
  • Config Change Template Extensions: 'delay' command, string <-> number conversion
  • Make downloaded configurations searchable for IP addresses with FTS enabled.

More details and screenshots can be found in the NCM 7.2 Beta blog post and in Manage End-of-Life Information for Your Devices with NCM!


RC builds are made available to existing customers prior to the formal release. These are used to get customer feedback in production environments and are fully supported. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leverage the NCM RC forum.

You will find the latest version on your customer portal in the Release Candidate section.

We have completed the bulk of the development effort and are now focused on testing the latest release of Kiwi Syslog Server (KSS). KSS v9.4 has reached Beta status. This is your chance to install the latest version and provide feedback on the new features and fixes. Providing feedback during the beta is the best way to ensure that your feedback will be incorporated in to the release. To participate, simply fill out this survey and you will be sent the download links for the Beta. Remember, Betas cannot be installed in production and you cannot upgrade the Beta to any other future versions.


The following enhancement have been added to KSS:

  • Moving to a new web server
    This change brings a lot of new functionality "for free". Examples:
  • Active Directory authentication for web access
  • Alerting for Message Queue Monitor
    Be notified when the number of messages in the message queue crosses certain threshold. This indicates there might be performance problems and gives you chance to take an action before messages get dropped.

July is officially here and this month's mission is giving the Texas summer heat a run for it's money (those 100+ temperatures... gotta love 'em).  This mission is similar to one you've seen before, but we have some surprises in store.  So, what's so special this month?


July's Mission

Complete the DameWare® Scavenger Hunt - a 10 question quiz where you can earn between 300 and 3,000 points.  But, wait - there's more!  (I've secretly always yearned for a moment to say that...)  Score 100% on your first attempt and be entered to win an iPad® Mini!

We've linked you to all the appropriate documents, blogs, videos, etc. next to each question.  All it takes a keen eye and a bit of reading and watching.  Unless, of course, you're already a DameWare expert.  Just for attempting the hunt you'll earn at least 300 points.  And if you were wondering why we're giving away an iPad Mini... With DameWare Mobile you can remotely control computers on your network from iPhones, iPads, or iPad Minis.  That means support for your end-users from anywhere right in the palm of your hand.


A few specifics for this mission:

  • For each correct answer you'll earn 300 points for a maximum of 3,000 points.
  • You will only receive points for your first attempt, however you may take the quiz as many times as you'd like.
  • You must score 100% on your first attempt to be entered into the drawing for the iPad® Mini.
  • Make sure to enter your thwack username at the end of the quiz so we can attribute the points to your profile.
  • Please allow 48-72 hours for points and the July Mission badge to reflect in your profile.*
  • Drawing for the iPad® Mini will be held on August 1st, 2013 - Terms & Conditions.


*DanielleH will be out of the office during the week of July 1 - 5.  She promises to start adding points and badges as soon as she returns on July 8th




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