Last week dozens of you were instrumental in helping us decide between two launch banners for SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager.  We are pleased to announce that FSM v6.5 is generally available as of last night with the community chosen banner, of course.  Anyway, it's time for a new mission and another chance for you to move up a few notches on the leader board. 


May's Mission

Complete the thwack Firewall Security Manager (FSM) Challenge - a 10 question quiz where you can earn between 400 and 4,000 thwack points!


New to FSM?  Don't even own FSM?  No worries.  We've laid out the documentation/videos to ensure you can correctly answer each of the questions.  Even if you miss all of the questions you'll earn 400 points for attempting the challenge.


You will not need to sign up for anything or fill in an email address.  However, a few rules do apply.  You will only receive points for your first attempt at completing the challenge (feel free to retake the challenge if you're dead set on finding all of the correct answers).  Also, as mentioned, we are not collecting email addresses.  Therefore, don't forget to enter your thwack username/ID at the end of the quiz so we know who you are.  Once submitted, you'll be taken to the score page which will reflect how many points you've earned.  Each question is worth 400 points.  7 correct answers = 2800 points (and so on...). The points and badge will be added to your profile within 24 to 48 hours.


So, take the challenge, earn some points, and if we're lucky, you'll spread the word about SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager or even try it for yourself.