Securing your network is a multi-step and multi-system endeavor. In this short, collaborative webcast, we’ll look at the role several key systems play in your network’s security. The  webcast includes a practices overview of several key technologies plus Q&A with SolarWinds sales engineers and support experts. Attendance is limited so everyone has time to ask questions about their own implementations and environment. Topics we’ll cover include:


  1. Firewall Best Practices
  2. Proactive Log Management
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Users and Their Devices


We hope you will join us! Please choose a day that works best for you.


April 19
1pm CST:


April 26
1pm CST:


May 3

1pm CST:


May 10
1pm CST:

We are setting up some user experience meetings and would love to pick the minds of our newest users.  If you joined thwack in the past 3 months or so and are interested in helping us find out how you navigate through thwack, please sign up below.  We are looking to begin testing at the end of next week and will need roughly 30 minutes of your time.  So, if you're willing to participate, place a comment below and I will reach out for your availability and forward the meeting details.

...2,000 points to the first 5 users who sign up!

We, the community team (yes, all 3 of us), are always searching for quality user-generated content to share.  Granted, we don't have to look far on these forums... but we've decided this month's mission will be closely tied to this theme.


April's Mission

Create a video that walks users through accomplishing a specific task in a SolarWinds product

  1. Choose the product and task that you will be featuring (you can also use one of the topics we've generated below)
  2. Post a comment to this announcement in advance including the topic of the video you will be putting together (this is to help avoid duplicates)
  3. Once your video is complete, place it in the comments below - we will probably spread these videos throughout the site


We have gathered a few hot topics to help get the ball rolling.  As mentioned above, please feel free to submit on a topic of your choice as well.

  • NPM - How do Alert Suppressions work and what is the proper procedure for completing this task
  • NCM - Installing NCM as an upgrade scenario from NCM 6.1 to a NCM 7.x version
  • NTA - Configuring a device for ingress OR egress (not both and why)
  • SAM - How to run testing with WBEMTEST and Performance Monitor for remote monitoring
  • SAM - tutorial on how to import/use a template, assign it to nodes, and configure it accordingly
  • Storage Manager - Best practices for load balancing (e.g. how many devices are recommended per agent and what to expect when an agent is overlooked such as java language issues, etc.)
  • Kiwi CatTools - How to create custom devices within CatTools using Variations (should include how to create and interpret debug files and use the values seen in the debug files to set the Variations)
  • Cross-product - Explanation on licenses, requirements, and how it applies to one product compared to another product

Your submission for April's mission will earn you 3,000 points!  So, bust out the camera, gear up your systems, and jump on it!  We're looking forward to seeing all of your submissions and sharing them with the rest of the community.

Looking to earn more points?  March's mission has been extended through April and participate in our Ambassador contest for a chance to win an iPod Nano.

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