The new year has arrived and the holidays are finally over.  While most people wouldn't dare rush the holidays along, the community team has been extremely anxious to launch some of the new contests and programs we have put together for 2013.  Right off the bat, I'd like to mention two ways you can earn and/or win BIG throughout the rest of the year.  If you haven't heard already, we will be hosting monthly drawings for an iPod Nano, so be sure to get your entries in starting on Monday January 7th (see Ambassador Monthly Engagement Contest -- Get Nano'd for more information).  Along with this, we are also giving out mucho points for completing our new "thwack Monthly Mission".  Starting today, January 2nd, if you complete January's Mission before January 31st, you will earn 500 points for each time you complete the mission.


January's Mission:

Mark 5 helpful answers


Mark 5 correct answers


It's that simple.  However, please refrain from marking bogus helpful and/or correct answers.  This is neither good for the community or your reputation on the site.  I will find you and your points will be stripped.  Completing this month's mission is not only of benefit to you, but also our community as a whole.  Most users are searching for a problem and looking for a quick answer.  Having these threads marked correctly with what helped and/or did solve the problem at hand is a huge time and headache saver.  So, while you're going back forth with someone about an issue you're having, or simply browsing information and see that a question has been answered correctly, please take a second to help us get these threads a bit more organized by marking their helpful and correct answers.  Also, did I mention this mission is repeatable?  That’s a whole lot of potential points on the table


Also, get ready for new items in the store.  We are working to make them available in the next week or two.  Now, don't leave those points on the table, get to it!




As you can see in the replies below, there was a bit of a mistake in communicating this mission.  You can only mark answers to your authored questions.  To find all of your authored threads, navigate to your profile > select the content tab > select discussions, and there you will find your authored threads.  Please take some time to make sure your threads have been marked correctly and hopefully, you will still be able to complete this mission.


Due to the mishap, we are providing a bonus mission:

  • "Like" 25 replies to threads that are helpful or answer the question at hand for 250 points

This is a workaround of sorts to still provide feedback from the community on what works and/or solved the problem.  A reply with a large amount of "likes" can have the same effect as a helpful or correct answer being marked.


Our apologies the mix up.  I hope you all will participate in getting your authored threads marked correctly and take me up on the bonus offer!