WPM 2.0 is here!

Posted by Bronx Nov 15, 2012

Check out all the incredible features the Dev team put into this exciting release:

WPM Release Notes

Today I am very pleased to announce the General Availability of Network Performance Monitor 10.4. The most noticeable features and enhancements include:


  • Extended support for BigIP® F5® devices (including connections, throughput, nodes and virtual pools status polling)
  • Hardware health monitoring (temperature, power supply, fan speed, etc.) for major HW vendors (Cisco, Juniper, F5, Dell, HP)
  • Support for HP® MSM 760/765 wireless controllers
  • Auditing trail
  • NPM new charts migration
  • Web console UI improvements – subviews
    • performance upgrade (asynchronous loading of resources)
  • Group limitations
  • Universal Device Poller (UnDP) Improvements
    • Multiple UnDP in a single chart
    • UnDP Parse Transform function
    • UnDP Polling and Retention settings
  • De-duplication of nodes
  • Web based custom property editor


You can download new version from your customer portal

Come take the IPv6 survey on how you prep'd and migrated or are not so prep'd ...you can also read my other post here: IPv4 Addresses Exhaustion: Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out in Terror ….Suddenly Silenced?


IPv6: Next-Gen Internet

By the end of 2012, North America and Europe will no longer have free IPv4 addresses to allocate. Where does your IT organization stand with IPv6 adoption and migration?


Starts today (11/12) and ends 11/28.

And just for a bit more incentive, three survey participants will receive $50 Amazon gift cards.

For those of you, like me, who like to see the raw link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SolarWindsIPv6.

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