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Our Ux team is core to our process here at SolarWinds. To help our products fit your needs and evolve with you, we need to hear from you. Right now, we are looking for people who are new to our ecosystem. If you have been a user of any of the SolarWinds Orion products for less than 18 months, please consider providing your feedback to the team in one of our 60 minute sessions between November 5th and 9th. You can see Kellie's post here: Want an early look at concepts for some changes to Orion Settings?, but if you have any questions or want to give it a whirl, please don't hesitate to reach out and let your voice be heard.

Email kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and get on the list. By the way, helping Ux is one of the many ways you can earn points here on thwack and cash in for cool SolarWinds stuff in the store: THWACK Point System - Updated March 6, 2018.

Help us shape the product the way you want it.


See you on the boards,


ipMonitor 10.7 is now available for download in your customer portal, for those of you who have active maintenance.


Below is a list of the changes in this version.


We hope you enjoy this new release of ipMonitor!



  • Autologin feature using a "Guest" Account
  • Can now both run ipMonitor on and use it to monitor Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8
  • Support for SQL Server 2012 monitoring
  • The ability to ignore expired SSL certificates in https – monitor
  • Chrome browser support
  • The ability to disable/enable alerts
  • Safari browser support
  • Added “Last modified since” option to the Directory Property Monitors
  • Reports generated from monitor config now use relative timeframe
  • "Host" header field added to the HTTP monitor


  • Fixed an issue with PopUpXML for Subnet Groups providing incorrect XML data.
  • Fixed an issue with Recovery Alerts being sent when configured to not send alerts.
  • Fixed an issue with file size checks sending false alerts.
  • Fixed an issue with columns added via "My Settings" page not displaying titles.
  • Fixed an issue with adding Alerts via Devices page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Columns Count in the 'Edit My Settings' page.
  • Fixed an issue with maps not displaying on the dashboard page.
  • Fixed an issue with creating new WMI Monitor credentials.
  • Fixed an issue with devices not showing in Groups under all Managed Devices.
  • Fixed an issue with ipMonitor Report service going offline.
  • Fixed an issue with 'SQL Server' monitor not giving correct results.
  • Fixed an issue when a Adding 'ADO - User Experience (SQL Query) Wizard' monitor.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bandwidth Monitor Report not refreshing.

For those of you who may have missed all of the emails and other announcements, NTA 3.10.0 reached General Availability (GA) mid September. NTA 3.10.0 includes several great enchantments:

  1. New interactive charts
  2. Support for VMware vSwitch
  3. Support for sFlow v2 and v4 (in addition to existing support for v5)
  4. Localized language support for Japanese (requires NPM 10.3 or higher)


NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v3.10.0 Release Notes


If you are an existing NTA customer on active maintenance you will find the download in your portal.

WebHelpDesk 11.0.8 HotFix 1 available



This SolarWinds HotFix fixes an issue where the Web Help Desk sometimes generates invalid SAML request IDs,

resulting in a SAXParseException when processing the SAML response, resulting in the user being taken to the

WHD login page even though they were authorized by SAML.


Requires Web Help Desk 11.0.8.


NOTE: In the following instructions, <WebHelpDesk> represents the Web Help Desk home folder:


Mac OS X:     /Library/WebHelpDesk

Windows:      \Program Files\WebHelpDesk

Linux:        /usr/local/webhelpdesk




(1) Make a backup copy of the following file:




(2) Use the helpdesk.jar file included in this hot fix to replace

the following files:






(3) Restart the Web Help Desk.




(1) Use the backup created above to replace the following files:






(2) Restart the Web Help Desk.

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