• Juniper UDT monitoring hits License doubly bad!

    Our environment is made up almost entirely of Juniper hardware.   I noticed that when I added my entire production environment into UDT that Juniper with its config of physical and logical interface that UDT cou...
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  • LLDP-Med report

    Hi!   Read somewhere that NPM & UDT stores LLDP information internally in its SQL DB,   1) is there a way to extract this information to show all the switches that has a LG-Ericsson device (VoIP - LLDP...
    Kaj Lehtinen
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  • Polling failed on Domain controller

    I've just installed UDT 3.2 into my existing Orion system.  I am running NPM 11.0.1, SAM 6.1.1, NTA 3.11.  I have added my 10 Domain Controllers in UDT, but 3 of them come back with the following status, "Po...
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  • Any way to add UDT ports to an existing switch node in NPM without having to delete & re-add the node?

    We have a bunch of switches added in NPM and whomever added them previously did not scan for UDT ports when adding the nodes.  Now, I'd like to have those switches scanning with UDT ports and I can't seem to find...
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  • UDT Rogue Device detection needs some improvement

    UDT Rogue Device detection needs some improvement. I had created a ticket and worked with support but I am not satisfied with the answers, especially since the SW site advertises the product to do this: Receive an ale...
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  • UDT3.1: What happened to UDT port discovery?

    this seems to be throwing me into network sonar discovery instead, which doesn't work in my environment[1]   Anyone know how I'm supposed to add UDT ports in UDT 3.1.   if I have to use network sonar disco...
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  • User Device Tracker Help

    I am having a problem with UDT where I do not believe it is showing me all of the data it should.  I am not seeing any endpoints when looking to see where a workstation is hooked up to.  I do not see any dir...
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  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations would you welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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  • Automated port shutdown - what would be your reasons?

    There was a feature request for a UDT recently for an automated port shutdown, if the connected endpoint is on the "black list". What would be your other reasons, for which would you want to shut down the port? Lets'...
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  • Wired vs Wireless endpoints

    From UDT endpoint tracking perspective, what is the ratio between endpoints connected to physical ports vs. wireless endpoints connected to your network?
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  • Missing endpoint information from an active port - UDT v3.2

    Missing endpoint information from an active port - UDT v3.2   NPM 11.0.1 UDT 3.2   We are having two issues with UDT - 1. Missing endpoint information from an active port. This is not on every port, prob...
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  • Will UDT help with IP Conflicts?

    We have hundreds of laptops deployed in our environment that dock and undock regularly.  We see hundreds of IP conflicts in IPAM because they get on IP when they are docked on the wired network and another when t...
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  • I have UDT version 3.0.2 when I tried to search any MAC address contected on Port-Channel, I cannot find it, only shows the L3 Gateway and not the direct connected switch, I appreciat your support.

    I appreciate your support,I have UDT version 3.0.2 when I tried to search any MAC address contected on Port-Channel, I cannot find it, only shows the L3 Gateway and not the direct connected switch,
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  • Port Management customization?

    I put this in the User Device Tracker section as I was initially hoping to use the Port Management tool for what I'm needing to do.  Before I say what I'm trying to accomplish, I should note that I am not the Sol...
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  • Configure alert in UDT when a managed port becomes active

    I have a stack of 4 Cisco switches in a remote site that are configured and working just fine, but I cant seem to figure out how to get an alert in UDT via email when a remote user plugs something (pc/server etc...) i...
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  • Is there a way to have UDT display the port description in its table?

    I would love to have my UDT Port Details chart also show the port description. Is there a way to get it to show this?
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  • The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).

    Hi There,   We recently installed UDT v3.2.0 and applied hotfix 1. When I add nodes to UDT, I cannot view them in NPM to get normal stats - error message appears on the website, however, the nodes that are not a...
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  • UDT provides unequal data in matching user to machine to user

    UDT seems to fail when: I click on a user, find the laptop they are on, clich the device and the user is not on that page....  This makes us not trust what we are seeing. Anyone else see the same thing?
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  • UDT crashed my Polling Engines, again

    Hi guys,   Could someone please explain why SolarWinds.UDT.BusinessLayer.dll.config was reverted to enabling tracing after an update to UDT 3.1? 4 polling engines have crashed due to 0% free disk space and a wh...
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  • Upgrade Path for UDT 3.0.2 -> 3.2.0

    The docs here: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion Products for Installation and Upgradeonly go as far as 3.1. "Upgrade Path with NPM .... UDT 3.0.x ⇒ NPM 11.0.1 ⇒ UDT 3.1 " &nb...
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