• Interface name in UDT Alerts

    I have a working UDT alert that e-mails me when a new MAC Address appears on the network   I have the alert set to e-mail when triggered.   The following is my e-mail response   Subject: User Device ...
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  • What we are working on for UDT 3.3 (Updated on April 24, 2015)

    Following recent UDT 3.2.2 Service release in which we added Web alerting and brought back the ability to manage nodes without a re-discovery, the development team is already working on new features for next release. ...
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  • Help with Cisco Nexus

    UDT displays information about devices connected to switches and routers on specific ports. Based on the bridge tables, ARP, CDP, and possibly other data, we collect information about what MAC addresses and IP address...
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  • ARP from Devices that don't allow SNMP Polling

    Long time reader, first time poster.   In an attempt to create a single pain of glass within UDT,  I am running into a problem with our router/firewall. There is no option to poll the ARP table via SNMP. I ...
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  • Has anyone set up UDT and not have to configure a Domain Admins group?

    Has anyone set up UDT and not have to configure a Domain Admins group?
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  • UDT White List requires Admin?

    We are currently using UDT and whitelisting, but have run across an issue.  I have tried everything I could, and found that only someone with full admin rights to the entire solarwinds package can manage a white ...
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  • UDT not seeing port details for Nexus 5k Switches

    Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I added my Cisco Nexus 5k switches to UDT but I am not seeing any port details for any of the ports. I see all ports, but device data for each port is not showing up.
    Kurt H
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  • UDT not working on Nexus FEX units

    I've run into an issue with UDT polling Nexus FEX ports.  Basic background - the majority of my network over the last few years has migrated from Cat6500s to Nexus 7018s, with FEX 2248s.  I've had users come...
    Jay Garcia
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  • No MAC addresses or IP addresses show up on Cisco device ports

    First of, I am pretty new to these products. I have an issues in our organization.  No MAC addresses or IP addresses appear on ports for cisco devices entered into our NMS.  We are using UDT 3.0.2, NCM 7.2....
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  • Automated port shutdown - what would be your reasons?

    There was a feature request for a UDT recently for an automated port shutdown, if the connected endpoint is on the "black list". What would be your other reasons, for which would you want to shut down the port? Lets'...
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  • Limiting via UDT ports?

    Hello,   Currently our ITS support team is able to request vlan changes via the default vlan config change template that comes with NCM. My goal is to limit what they can see, and prevent them from requesting ac...
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  • Manage Alerts Help

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to configure alerts so that it will only alert for New Mac on a certain device such as a Switch.
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  • Wired vs Wireless endpoints

    From UDT endpoint tracking perspective, what is the ratio between endpoints connected to physical ports vs. wireless endpoints connected to your network?
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  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations would you welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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  • UDT SQL script to quickly identify which poller servers have UDT jobs that have not finished

    use NetPerfMon; select b.nodeid   ,b.engineid   ,c.ServerName   ,COUNT(*) numberOfFailures from udt_job a   ,nodes b   ,Engines c where a.NodeID=b.nodeid and b.engineid = c.engineid and a.Job...
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  • UDT-proxy-Nodes?

    We want to use UDT to track multiple switches behind a snmp proxy. Obviously each switch has its own IP and so does the snmp proxy. We have unique community strings per switch. How can we instruct UDT to go through sn...
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  • Determining when UDT isn't working?

    Anybody have a slick way of determining when UDT isn't getting all of the data it needs?   It's noisy when it can't talk to the DC's, but it seems to quietly accept when it's not getting mac addresses tables and...
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  • UDT and voice vlan

    I was having trouble getting UDT to learn MAC addresses for ports configured on a Cisco 3750 to use the voice vlan. I could see the computer attached to the VOIP phone but not the phone itself. After looking through s...
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  • UDT Compatibility Check -Eventing6 didnt find any matching log entries

    Hi Guys,   We have UDT in our infrastructure and it is not capturing the user details. We have 14 Dc's being Polled to capture that information.   When i check the UDT compatibility Checker. It gives User ...
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  • How to automate port shut down not used for more than 30 days

    I've heard UDT users would like to somehow automate port shut down for non-used ports. This is a great functionality for UDT but it will take some time to bring it in OOTB. However I don't see a reason why to not prov...
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