• Node Location property

    Is it possible to assign the group name to the node's location property automatically? This would be very useful when performing node searches based on its location as I have each group being a specific location that ...
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  • Automated port shutdown - what would be your reasons?

    There was a feature request for a UDT recently for an automated port shutdown, if the connected endpoint is on the "black list". What would be your other reasons, for which would you want to shut down the port? Lets'...
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  • Wired vs Wireless endpoints

    From UDT endpoint tracking perspective, what is the ratio between endpoints connected to physical ports vs. wireless endpoints connected to your network?
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  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations would you welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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  • Polling failed on Domain controller

    I've just installed UDT 3.2 into my existing Orion system.  I am running NPM 11.0.1, SAM 6.1.1, NTA 3.11.  I have added my 10 Domain Controllers in UDT, but 3 of them come back with the following status, "Po...
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  • UDT 3.2.2 Install

    We want to install Orion and UDT.  We do not have NPM and do not want it right now.  Does the UDT 3.2.2 install Orion and does it install a local database for UDT? We want to optimize our resources and poss...
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  • Any way to add UDT ports to an existing switch node in NPM without having to delete & re-add the node?

    We have a bunch of switches added in NPM and whomever added them previously did not scan for UDT ports when adding the nodes.  Now, I'd like to have those switches scanning with UDT ports and I can't seem to find...
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  • UDT not seeing port details for Nexus 5k Switches

    Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I added my Cisco Nexus 5k switches to UDT but I am not seeing any port details for any of the ports. I see all ports, but device data for each port is not showing up.
    Kurt H
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  • scanning progress

    Is there a way I can see if I am scanning to quickly or too slowly? We currently scan every 2 hours but would like to increase this to the maximum but I need to know if it is overlapping.
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  • How to automate port shut down not used for more than 30 days

    I've heard UDT users would like to somehow automate port shut down for non-used ports. This is a great functionality for UDT but it will take some time to bring it in OOTB. However I don't see a reason why to not prov...
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  • ARP from Devices that don't allow SNMP Polling

    Long time reader, first time poster.   In an attempt to create a single pain of glass within UDT,  I am running into a problem with our router/firewall. There is no option to poll the ARP table via SNMP. I ...
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  • New UDT polling jobs (3) are still running

    Hi, I have this message very often    New UDT polling jobs (3) are still running..   I keep extending the polling interval (I was at 120 minutes and now 500) but still get this message.   Wh...
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  • UDT SQL script to quickly identify which poller servers have UDT jobs that have not finished

    Thought of sharing this query which helps in identifying the status of UDT polling jobs which have failed. Got this from petersent. So just reporsting it so that others can also know about.   use NetPerfMon; sel...
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    hello all,   I need a help with some issues in UDT, like : - how could I find the current network connection of any device in direct connection type.. - in the history connection they give me the current con...
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  • UDT SQL script to quickly identify which poller servers have UDT jobs that have not finished

    use NetPerfMon; select b.nodeid   ,b.engineid   ,c.ServerName   ,COUNT(*) numberOfFailures from udt_job a   ,nodes b   ,Engines c where a.NodeID=b.nodeid and b.engineid = c.engineid and a.Job...
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  • User_Connection_Summary_Report.OrionReport

    Report to summarize The IP/MAC/Hostname/Username/etc of the environment.   Obviously this report could return thousands of records so you may desire to filter it down as to not overload SQL.
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  • No MAC addresses or IP addresses show up on Cisco device ports

    First of, I am pretty new to these products. I have an issues in our organization.  No MAC addresses or IP addresses appear on ports for cisco devices entered into our NMS.  We are using UDT 3.0.2, NCM 7.2....
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  • Possible to show flow data on UDT Port Details view?

    I would like to configure the Watch list alert in UDT to provide a link to the Details view of the port where the Watch List item has been detected. On that ow NTA view, I want to show NTA resources that allow me to s...
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  • Error Showing Cart to Display Total Port Currently Used by Group

    Hi All,   I have Orion NPM with UDT module installed. we create 4 groups (Access switch, Other production, PCN and UCN) When I open device tracker summary, There is "total ports currently used" chart.   ...
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  • Report or any other way to get the export of user accounts added in Orion

    Hi,   Apologies if my query is already answered in other discussions. I searched but didnt find answer to what i was looking for.   I am actually figuring out a way to export the list of user accounts that...
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