• Orion Polling Engine Report

    Updated to use hover-overs & expose more details.     By default, this sorts the Primary Polling Engine first and then all Add'l Polling Engines by Name.   If you want to put the SWQL into a Cus...
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  • How do bulk add Route table monitoring

    I have about 150 routers that need to have the routing table monitored.  How do I do it in bulk?  I tuned on the Solarwinds Routing poller, but that hasn't made a difference.
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  • Alert disk space except machine type

    Hey guys i'm trying to create an alert to get an email when the disk space of any servers get under 10gb but i don't want this alert to pop out for a specific machine type. Right now my alert is checking every C:\ B...
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  • Are your Orion server and SQL database server in the same Active Directory domain?

    created by aLTeReGo
  • Polling time is in the future

    Hey all,      So we have pollers in various countries and the main poller in Colorado. Our issue ( mostly with SNMPV3 on our unix servers), is that it says the next polling time is in the future. We no...
    created by troyfred
  • NCM / NPM Integration

    Hi All,   I'm curious to get feedback / thoughts on this.   We currently have separate NPM/NTA  and NCM servers and databases. Has anyone gone through a migration to bring them together? What was lev...
    created by derek_vieira
  • Where are the KBs??

    I cannot find the KBs for the life of me. The link that says it is for KB takes me to some general info page and when I search for a KB as recommended by diags I get nothing.   Please de-mystify the KB access. &...
    Andy McBride
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  • Graph ASA Remote Access VPN Users

    Hi,   We've recently upgraded to NPM12.2 and applied HotFix1 so that our Cisco ASA's are now showing connected Remote Access VPN Sessions. However, it would be really helpful if we could graph the number of conn...
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  • Set default polling engine?

    We currently have NPM 10.2.2 with an additional polling engine (and NTA 3.9, and NCM 7).   The Orion web interface isn't exactly a speed demon as it is, so I want to offload as much of the polling burden as poss...
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  • Maintenance Mode for Operators

    Hello, I have assigned custom property for nodes in terms of location and regarding this property access rights for different agents. They have "Allow Account to Unmanage Objects" settings allowed and I would like to ...
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  • Mobile device monitoring/management features

    Which of the following is your highest priority feature provided by your MDM solution? Feel free to add more options in comments and vote for them using Like button!
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  • Do you need Network Access Control solution ?

    I wonder how many of you already have some version of a Network Access Control (NAC) solution in place. Theoretically speaking, Mobile device management (MDM) is just a part of a bigger NAC, so I would like to ask you...
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  • VSS vs. standalone switches

    What percentage of all your switch ports approximately comes from stacked and standalone switches?
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  • Does your organization use Mobile Device Management or MDM?

    With the explosion of smart mobile devices, both tablets and phones and end users wanting to connect them for email, remote access (VPN), wireless etc. How are you handling this?  Does your organization even see ...
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  • F5 BIG-IP versions in use

    What version of BIG-IP your F5s run?
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  • Alert Reset Conditions - How do special conditions work?

    I'm been building out some custom alerts for a client recently and I decided to build some custom reset conditions for some alerts.  Why?  Well, perhaps I am a glutton for punishment, but mostly because I wa...
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  • reports running under a different user

    I've created a seperate account with account limitations on specific devices to run a report. I created a report with this new account. When the report runs under a schedule the PDF shows a completely different user...
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  • Anyone else having issues getting NPM to map out the topology correctly?

    What is the minimum requirements for a node to be able to discover populate the NPM Network Topology Map fields? On both nodes I checked all of the routing options, and layer 2 and layer 3 topology. Sometimes it work...
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  • Node stays as unknown after re-managing

    Anyone ever encounter this issue.   I have a server that I UN-managed.  When the work was finished I re-managed said node without issue.  Well the node never comes out of the unknown state.  It ju...
    trilobite rex
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  • Nodes showing as Red

    Hello,   Can anyone explain why after discovering nodes they appear to be down in Solarwinds when they are not.  These particular nodes are behind our DMZ.  I can see them as Green in our old Solarwind...
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