• Code Compliance Report

    I have NCM collecting configs and such from the network.  I am also writing some configuration compliance reports as well and the thought came up as to why can't I do this type of check for code compliance.  ...
    created by brfrankl
  • Pure Storage non-SRM

    Im trying to find documentation on monitoring Pure Storage without using SRM. Right now I am trying to add it to NPM with SNMP, but I cant seem to figure out what is needed. Is this possible? If it is, what documentat...
    created by bwisdom
  • SolarWinds Port Lockdown

    So, we are trying to lock down out port communications in a new datacenter standup. In this datacenter I am only deploying one APE. I got the APE installed (after allowing port 1434 which I didnt see in the docs) and ...
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  • Perfstack: Adjust Real Time Polling Interval

    Greetings,   Is it possible to adjust the polling interval for Perfstack's real-time polling?   The reason why I need to adjust this is that the current 1 second polling interval is much shorter than the ...
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  • Unable to poll ESXi Host directly in VMan 8.1

    Have a problem where polling an ESXi Host through vCenter returns different hardware results to polling directly. Able to check this with an old version of Solarwinds that we are migrating away from. Looked at the ...
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  • Solarwinds Agents - All Stopped

    So I am doing some training with some of my other team members on Solarwinds.  This week during our meeting I went to show them the SolarWinds agents we have deployed (we have 18) and one I went to the agents pag...
    martian monster
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  • do we need to make any modification in Database

    Hi All,   looking for your guidance,   I have installed the Main Poller then Installed the additional poller reporting to the main server IP. but now we have build the HA of main polling engine using virtu...
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  • Upgrade to NPM 12.2

    Hi Experts.   Upgraded our SolarWinds from 12.1 to 12.2 and after that, the Alert section is filled with thousands of alerts. Though apart from the upgrade nothing has been changed.   Any comments / Recomm...
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  • Spike in High Response Time on Node

    I am trying to investigate an issue on random high response times upwards to 400+ ms. The response time ranges in the spike so its not already that high but over 100 in the spikes. They are very random so no set timin...
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  • FortiSwitch CPU and Memory

    Check CPU and Memory
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  • How to create a view that only shows an interfaces that matches a specific criteria

    I was tasked with this morning to create a view that would show the Network Team what circuits are down; and nothing else. Since all of the circuits have the carrier name in the Interface name. I was thinking of creat...
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  • Removing/Unregistering all instances from DPA

    Hello,   My Database team decided to go with another product, and now I have to remove all the DPA instances and decomm our DPA server. I am looking for a way to un-register ALL instances at once, but I am not ...
    created by ron4x4
  • NPM Future Scalability

    Hello,   We get a lot of requests from enterprise organisation interested is unsung SolarWinds ORION in Hugh global deployments. Therefore I am acutely interested in the following billed new features coming up: ...
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  • Report data for Alert hold off timer

    I am wondering if anyone knows where the Alert Trigger condition - "Condition must exist for " exists in the database.   I am building a report of all defined alerts and this is the field that I am missing. ...
    created by chris.engstrom
  • Time out errors when downloading APE updates

    A couple of my sites have greater distance and latency involved when their APE's need to get Polling Engine updates from my main NPM instance during hot fix / patch episodes.   They regularly give me this error:...
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  • New Orion Installer not working on Large Scaled environment

    Today i was planning the upgrade of my solarwinds installation. We have additional polling engines in remote locations, the main poller is in Belgium, and the additional polling engines are in India, Brazil and the U...
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  • Migrating all Pollers to 2012 and Upgrading to 12.1

    The imminent GA of npm 12.1 and sam 6.4 is the catalyst for me to finally migrate all of our pollers off of 2008 R2.    I was thinking of timing this with upgrading to npm 12.1.   I think this...
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  • Showing a node as down (red)

    I've created a custom poller.  When that custom poller equals a certain value, I want that node to be displayed as down.  I'm reading through the documentation but am not understanding if I can do this. ...
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  • Network Sonar Discovery Scheduler Not Working

    I have been using Solarwinds for a number of years and have successfully used the scheduler for the network sonar discovery in the past.  I had to setup the schedule discovery, do a run now and then the schedule ...
    last modified by c4ucka54m0r3
  • VRF support with Nexus 9K with NX-OS

    Has anyone been successful monitoring VRF routes on Cisco NX-OS on the 9K hardware platform?   On older Cisco platforms, there is an OID list of VRFs on a system which Solarwinds uses. On newer platforms Cisco ...