• Query for alerts of a specific node

    I would like to create an SQL query - targeting NPM 12.2 database - for retrieving the alert history of a specific node given by name (or NodeID or IP_Address, etc...) I found below query on this thread what I could ...
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  • WinHttpSendRequest: 12002: The operation timeout error while installing Solarwind agent manually on windows server.

    While installing Solarwind agent manually on windows server which is in different domain. I am getting attached error message. I have configuration of trust between both the domains but still i am getting the error w...
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  • Website monitoring

    Hello, I have the base version of Solarwinds , I am new to the software and community so bear with me.  I am looking for the ability to monitor a website.  Looking around I keep getting pushed to an add on ...
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  • Orion NPM Temperature Threshold

    I have several Cico 3850 switches in NPM, and keep getting alerts on the temp exceeding the threshold. I know that the temperature is fine but want to increase the threshold in NPM. Is it possible in Orion, if so, how...
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  • NPM - Custom HTML For Existing Resources

    Good morning!   I'm trying to build a view that will display the 'Average bits per second (Step Chart)' for a couple different interfaces in a single place. I've poked around and found a handy thread where folks...
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  • NOC Dashboard Setup

    We are in the process of looking at purchasing a large TV to use for our NOC display. Does anyone have any suggestions on software that will allow us to split the display into multiple displays/desktops to monitor not...
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  • Cisco HA Monitoring Under One IP Address

    Hi,   I am currently working with a network that was never designed for network monitoring. Because this was the case, we have Cisco ASA's that were setup in HA mode with just one ip address. The only way to acc...
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  • 2 Agents on 1 Node

    Hello together,   is it possible to run two Windows Agents on one node?   We have a cluster of 2 nodes, at this cluster we have 3 virtual IPs.   So we have   - node1 - node2 - cluster quorum ...
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  • SQL Server upgrade for NPM

    Hi,   I'm planning to upgrader my NPM from 12.1 to 12.2. my SQL database is running on SQL server 2008 and as you now NPM 12.2 doesdn't accept it anymore. I will move the SQL database to a SQL server 2014. Di...
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  • Support for SFTP/FTP pull

    Hi,   Does Solarwinds support SFTP/FTP pull request (From the Server to Wireless Controller) of Statistics?   If we periodically prepare Statistics in the form of CSV or JSON format and store them on Wirel...
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  • Unmanage Utility

    Trying to create some tasks to stop alerting during the weekly reboot process.  Time scheduled is for 1 hour per office.    When I start task manager and try to import the xml file I get the following...
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  • Request for Collaboration to Integrate Stats from Nokia wireless with NPM

    Hi,   I work with Nokia Wireless team. We are currently working on updating Stats for Nokia Wireless HW with Solarwinds NPM. This initiative is based on a request from customer who's network is monitored using ...
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  • Migration to new server - Install Sequence

    Hello,   New to Thwack and I hope I am hitting the right crowd.   We are looking to migrate our deployment from its current physical infrastructure to a new virtual infrastructure. We will only be performi...
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  • Some questions about simplified Chinese localization of Web UI?

    As you know, SolarWinds provides German and Japanese localization for Orion Web UI, but it does not provide simplified Chinese localization. Although English on the WEB UI is easy for technicians, but it is a bit hard...
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  • Do you have Meraki gear?  Does Solarwinds do enough with it?  What would you like to use Solarwinds for when managing Meraki?

    We've adopted Meraki to replace ASA 5505's in SOHO solutions, and I'm replacing 60 of them now.   But I find insufficient Solarwinds support for backing up MX65's, Z3's, etc.   Nor do I find excellent ...
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  • For ESX/ESXi/Vcenter monitoring, is SNMP mandatory

    Hi All,   Just a quick clarification required on ESX/ESXi/Vcenter monitoring. Is SNMP must while configuring these types of devices in Solarwinds? OR just the credentials will do the job....
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  • Help with keeping track of node discovery via spreadsheet

    A coworker extracted a few thousand virtual machine hostnames from VMWare for me, and I'm using that list to seed Sonar Discovery in batches of 100 nodes at a time. The problem I am trying to solve is tracking with no...
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  • Chattsworth PDU Monitoring

    Hello People,   I have requirement to Monitor all the PDU's installed in our Datacenter through Orion : PVI (Power - Voltage, current, Ping etc )   We have Chattsworth PDU  installed in our Datacente...
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  • TRAPS to Event

    have a question on snmp traps. I am receiving traps and i can show off on the console. But, want to register as an event when a trap comes with some specific value. is it possible?
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  • License

    Hello, I understand that the licensing for volumes are C:. I would like to ask any expert that does we count the memory (physical & virtual) as 2 license under volumes? Thanks!
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