• NPM 12.2 Upgrade Experience Feedback?

    Anyone have any upgrade experiences for the general release?   We are looking to upgrade our entire SW suite in addition to NPM and would like to hear any feedback.   Also, is the RC code the same as the G...
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  • NPM 12.2 Offline Installer - Requires Internet Connection

    I am not sure why, but I downloaded the AIO Offline installer and it would not run until I gave my server internet access.  Can someone explain this to me?   How are these things not identified during the B...
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  • Code Compliance Report

    I have NCM collecting configs and such from the network.  I am also writing some configuration compliance reports as well and the thought came up as to why can't I do this type of check for code compliance.  ...
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  • Dependency Management for non administrators

    is there a way to allow non administrative users to manage dependencies?   a lot of people previously had admin access that i took away from them and it's turning out a lot of what they did was either easily av...
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  • Solarwinds Agents - All Stopped

    So I am doing some training with some of my other team members on Solarwinds.  This week during our meeting I went to show them the SolarWinds agents we have deployed (we have 18) and one I went to the agents pag...
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  • Offline orion installation...really?

    Hello,   I am attempting SW Orion NPM upgrades to NPM 12.2 in order to remediate STIG vulnerability ID  V-41036. Unfortunately, all of the servers this needs to performed on are in fact not internet accessi...
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  • Migrating all Pollers to 2012 and Upgrading to 12.1

    The imminent GA of npm 12.1 and sam 6.4 is the catalyst for me to finally migrate all of our pollers off of 2008 R2.    I was thinking of timing this with upgrading to npm 12.1.   I think this...
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  • SolarWinds Domains/IP's To Add to Trusted Sites (Partially Solved)

    SOLVED (kind of): Figured this one out myself.  After doing a Wireshark capture while downloading something from the CustomerPortal, I confirmed that the files are hosted at amazonaws.com, which was already added...
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  • Routing table poller     - Invalid subnet mask

    Hello I am monitoring a HP SE1220 Store Virtual, or old school Left Hand appliance. I am receiving a Invalid subnet mask, under Routing Details. Any ideas where that may be pointing to? The subnet mask o...
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  • Volume utilization alerts using Orion thresholds

    I want to make sure I understand how SolarWinds will alert me for high utilization on server volumes. I have the Orion thresholds set for 95% and 98% for warning and critical. While setting up the alerts for volume ut...
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  • NPM 12.2 Export to PDF format

    Hi All,   When I trying to export the Interface utilization reports the PDF format is no longer an option, I can only seeing a printable version,  Is there anyone can assist with the work around?
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  • Time out errors when downloading APE updates

    A couple of my sites have greater distance and latency involved when their APE's need to get Polling Engine updates from my main NPM instance during hot fix / patch episodes.   They regularly give me this error:...
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  • do we need to make any modification in Database

    Hi All,   looking for your guidance,   I have installed the Main Poller then Installed the additional poller reporting to the main server IP. but now we have build the HA of main polling engine using virtu...
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  • SNMP Monitoring Cisco SMB Switches

    Hi Folks!   Is anyone monitoring Cisco SMB switches of model 'SF200-48 48-Port 10/100 Smart Switch' ? I am unable to poll its CPU, memory, hardware information, etc using SNMP polling.   Can someone ple...
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    I want to add ip address field in this query. please help.   SELECT StartTime.EventTime,   (SELECT TOP 1   EventTime   FROM Events AS Endtime   WHERE EndTime.EventTime > StartTime.Eve...
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  • Missing video on Upgrade Guide for NPM?

    Trying to view the video on the following link (under the line "The following video (8:01) can help with migrations for Orion Platform 2016.1 and earlier.")   Migrate SolarWinds products to a new server with a n...
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  • Node UP alert; Node DOWN no-alert

    Newbee here.  Looking for best/easiest way to create a grouping of nodes for which alerts are generated when the node is up/reachable and no alerts when node is down/unreachable.  Would also like to easily a...
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  • Pure Storage non-SRM

    Im trying to find documentation on monitoring Pure Storage without using SRM. Right now I am trying to add it to NPM with SNMP, but I cant seem to figure out what is needed. Is this possible? If it is, what documentat...
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  • SolarWinds Port Lockdown

    So, we are trying to lock down out port communications in a new datacenter standup. In this datacenter I am only deploying one APE. I got the APE installed (after allowing port 1434 which I didnt see in the docs) and ...
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  • Perfstack: Adjust Real Time Polling Interval

    Greetings,   Is it possible to adjust the polling interval for Perfstack's real-time polling?   The reason why I need to adjust this is that the current 1 second polling interval is much shorter than the ...
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