• Why i need SQL SA level account credentials for Configuration Wizard

    In this article you will learn the process or requirements for SQL credentials during Orion Configuration wizard to connect the application with SQL server and logic behind the process .   Stage # 1. In the c...
    Malik Haider
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  • Google Maps in Orion NPM - How to Video

    I've made some changes to the original Google Maps that I introduced about this time last year. This version provides a status icon on the map for each unique latitude and longitude value in the database. I'm leaving ...
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    Here is a report that you can import into Orion to list all Windows NODES that do not have a HardWare Health Sensors being monitored. ** Attached report import is at bottom of this document **   Reference also ...
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  • Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Node Details

    Identify Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Firewall   Identify Cisco Firepower chassis 4110, 4120, or 4140, Machine Type as "Cisco Firepower 41__ Chassis" or "Cisco Firepower 41__ Firewall" rather than just "Cisco". ...
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  • Netbotz_Fahr_Temp.UnDP

    I use this UnDP to monitor the temperature of the sensors connected to the NetBotz 570.  Tree out this MIB ( if you want to monitor humidity, dew point etc.
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  • Building Simple PerfStack Project Lists With SWQL

    In my opinion, PerfStack is the best new thing SolarWinds has given us, since the last best new thing they gave us. PerfStack already has plenty of things going for it, even in its infancy. There are, however, a few t...
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  • Adjusting Pages To Display More Stuff

    When it comes to working on projects, I always feel I NEED to use all the desktop real estate I have available. As much as I love SolarWinds, we have always been at odds here. While I want to use every last pixel of m...
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  • Orion Polling Engine Report

    Updated to use hover-overs & expose more details.     By default, this sorts the Primary Polling Engine first and then all Add'l Polling Engines by Name.   If you want to put the SWQL into a Cus...
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  • MOD/HACK - NPM 12 Notification on Paused Alert Actions

    To prevent prolonged periods where Alert Actions are paused, you can use this tweak to have a notification added to the header of your NPM web page. This hack is surely not supported by SolarWinds, use it at your own ...
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  • Alerting on syslog from Orion web console.

    If you are frustrated that with the syslog event viewer alerting and want better integration with the Orion web console for syslog alerting just setup the below custom script in your trigger condition. Just replace th...
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  • View Dynamic Baselines for All Nodes In NPM

    Add a custom chart resourse to your selected webpage,Add data source and select custom sql. Add in the below script and submit. Select all columns and submit.   select level1value, level2value, Name, caption fro...
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  • VMs Not Monitored In SolarWinds Orion (Exported Report) - Prosperon Networks

    In order to accurately monitor the virtual machines in your environment, it is beneficial to combine two different approaches. Firstly, monitoring guest servers through the physical host, and then monitoring these ser...
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  • Utility for ping host by URL

    This utility for ping host by URL like http://admin-106:61505/Orion/NetPerfMon/ping.aspx?IP=
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  • F5 Config Sync Status

    This poller will tell you the config sync status of an F5 (high availability pair).  I used this in conjunction with NCM to detect and alert on config changes. 1.  Its good visibility on config sync status....
    created by Bunookana
  • Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource

    Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource   Summary: This will allow you to add live weather to the worldwide map based on the OpenWeatherMap project (free). Limitations: The map must be on a page whe...
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  • Cambium Networks PTP

    Cambium Networks
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  • Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource

    **Link to feature request** Automatically Generate New Graph(s) Based On Custom Property Value   Over the past few years, we have transitioned from simple monitoring tools, such as MRTG and Cacti, to the advanc...
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  • How to create a simple custom view of multiple interfaces' bandwidth utilization

    I've used custom views to show clients and my Team many different things that NPM monitors, and those folks really appreciate the service.  You can be a rock star in their eyes when you give them something that h...
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  • 001Network_Cisco_OTV_Inactive.xml

    Advanced alert for triggering on the status change of the Cisco OTV universal device poller I created, cotvOverlayVpnDownReason.UnDP
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  • Cisco NCS5501 CPU & Memory

    Cisco NCS5501 CPU & Memory
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