• Utility for ping host by URL

    This utility for ping host by URL like http://admin-106:61505/Orion/NetPerfMon/ping.aspx?IP=
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  • Group status bullseye style charts

    Here's the source code/implementation from this discussion. Our NOC team really liked these bullseye-style graphs from another application. I re-created them for Solarwinds.   Update: Pie chart lovers can find a...
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  • F5 Config Sync Status

    This poller will tell you the config sync status of an F5 (high availability pair).  I used this in conjunction with NCM to detect and alert on config changes. 1.  Its good visibility on config sync status....
    created by Bunookana
  • Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource

    Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource   Summary: This will allow you to add live weather to the worldwide map based on the OpenWeatherMap project (free). Limitations: The map must be on a page whe...
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  • Cambium Networks PTP

    Cambium Networks
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  • Volume Usage Spike Detection Alert

    I saw a Feature request this morning for Disk Growth Monitoring and figured something could be done. After trying to find the thread I came across another pages where folks were needing/trying to achieve the same. So ...
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  • Custom SQL Dynamic Graphing Resource

    **Link to feature request** Automatically Generate New Graph(s) Based On Custom Property Value   Over the past few years, we have transitioned from simple monitoring tools, such as MRTG and Cacti, to the advanc...
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  • How to create a simple custom view of multiple interfaces' bandwidth utilization

    I've used custom views to show clients and my Team many different things that NPM monitors, and those folks really appreciate the service.  You can be a rock star in their eyes when you give them something that h...
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  • Alerting on syslog from Orion web console.

    If you are frustrated that with the syslog event viewer alerting and want better integration with the Orion web console for syslog alerting just setup the below custom script in your trigger condition. Just replace th...
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  • View Dynamic Baselines for All Nodes In NPM

    Add a custom chart resourse to your selected webpage,Add data source and select custom sql. Add in the below script and submit. Select all columns and submit.   select level1value, level2value, Name, caption fro...
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  • 001Network_Cisco_OTV_Inactive.xml

    Advanced alert for triggering on the status change of the Cisco OTV universal device poller I created, cotvOverlayVpnDownReason.UnDP
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  • Cisco NCS5501 CPU & Memory

    Cisco NCS5501 CPU & Memory
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  • Monitor Cisco ISE appliance in SolarWinds

    So you wanna add your ISE appliance in SolarWInds and monitor it via SNMPv3. Sounds straight forward enough, right? Well, not so much.   Here’s how I got my ISE appliances added to SolarWinds.   Fir...
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  • Cisco_2960_Fan_Status.UnDP

    This UnDP will display the fan status of a Cisco 2960 as OK or Error. 
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  • CheckPoint Firewalls Universal Device Pollers - v2

    Based on the brilliant poller from humejo Checkpoint Firewalls Universal Device Pollers   I added the following: fwConnTableLimit fwNumConn fwPeakNumConn
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  • Juniper CPU & Memory (rev 4)

    Juniper CPU & Memory (rev 4)
    Antonello Rivelli
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  • SWQL - Active Alerts Report

    This is a query that I use to replicate the Active Alerts resource in a NOC view. (The original resource limits results to 5 rows by default)   Example Output:     Please vote on this Feature Reques...
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  • hrSystemReboot.AlertDefinition

    Generate an alert if the systemUptime is less than 60000 ticks (600 second = 10 minutes)
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  • Traffic Report - Previous Month

    The report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page and the report includes the following details         Editing/Updating the Report   There is 1 item that has a custom SQL query. T...
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  • Interface created Today Database query

    The following query will check the and report which Interfaces where created base on earliest detailed record reported. The 'daysback' variable will check a specific day minus today.  ie; today - 1 = yesterday....
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