• Welcome to Solarwinds...........

    For many us starting out with Solarwinds, we are not sure where to start, what should I do, where do I go, and how do I do "Solarwinds".  Trust me, I have been there and sometime when I work with a new product or...
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  • Node Availability Report (Up / Down)

    We’ve prepared a custom SQL query to reports node availability for last 30 days 30 days Node Availability – shows outage duration in hours and mins for each node and uptime
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  • Help with custom html in views

    Just trying to do some custom html views for custom properties and using tables.  When I tried to do any formatting it affects the whole page.  How do you do custom html without affecting the whole page....
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  • Adding Custom graphics to Network Atlas NPM12.2

    Hi   I know that there is a lot of post on this topic, and seems like the actual way to do this has changed with the newer versions. I think i have tried all of them though, I see the "User Grapics" folder und...
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  • Report - Trying to find the Cisco Model Number

    Hi   I want to create a report similar to what I was getting from Cisco LMS. I want to include the model number of the Cisco devices in my report but strangely in the Cisco Chassis section where there is the se...
    Andre Thompson
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  • node resources

    hey , i couldn't find the list of node resources in the database or Swql . But since i t can be seen on the Console , it must be in some table, but where ?
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  • Filter Active Alerts on Dashboard

    Not sure if this is possible, but right now I have Node Alarms on the summary dashboard with Filter Nodes (SQL), filled in to only show the nodes I want. Works great, Dashboard is extremely useful and I'm watching it ...
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  • Riverbed Advanced Monitoring

    Hello everyone,   Is there any suggestion to do Riverbed monitoring in an advanced way? I need something more than normal SNMP monitoring or using simple custom poller. For example something like connections, o...
  • Search for IP Address query link

    Back in the old days, we used an Orion query in e-mails to link directly to the node details page. http://orionserver/NetPerfMon/Resources/SearchNodes.Action.asp?Field=IP_Address&SearchStr=   I'm...
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  • Alerting on Volume Thresholds

    Back in April of 2015, NPM 11.5 was released and with it came a brand new Web-based Alert Engine in the Orion Platform. At the time, and ever since, one of the most valuable capabilities of this new engine was the abi...
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  • Volume Usage Spike Detection Alert

    I saw a Feature request this morning for Disk Growth Monitoring and figured something could be done. After trying to find the thread I came across another pages where folks were needing/trying to achieve the same. So ...
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  • trail license

    The trail license on my NPM expired. I have received a new key to extend trail but can't figure out where to enter the information. The system is not accessible via the internet. All the documentation points to having...
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  • Device to device polling

    Is there any way to monitor connectivity over a period of time from one device to another? One of my silverpeak wan accelerators periodically says that it cant reach its default gateway. I look on each individual devi...
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  • Cisco Firepower

    Is there a way to integrate Cisco Firepower into SolarWinds Orion
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  • How Can Automatically delete or unmanage Administratively or 100 days Down İnterfaces on NPM

    I want to delete administratively or 100 days down  interfaces on Solarwinds. How could I do this? Do you have any suggestions?   Using NPM 12.01   Thanks
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  • Microsoft Teams Integration with Orion Alerts

    With the new release of Microsoft Teams, I got a tad curious and went to see what integrations were available.   Much like Slack, PagerDuty, and  a host of others; Teams gleefully accepts incoming webhooks ...
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    Hi All,          I am very new in solarwind products, If anyone have experience with monitoring the check point firewall(NPM), Kindly share with us how to proceed.? Thanks ...
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  • How to configure multiple Active directory connections in SolarWinds NPM ?

    Hi,   We have two Active directory domains(abc and xyz) in our organization and currently, abc domain is configured in NPM under Advanced AD setting. abc domain users can login with their AD credentials in NPM,...
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  • hrSystemReboot.AlertDefinition

    Generate an alert if the systemUptime is less than 60000 ticks (600 second = 10 minutes)
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  • Integration with PagerDuty

    PagerDuty has developed and provided a very nice integration guide for SolarWinds.   However, in my experience, it goes a little too far by requiring extra custom properties and VB script execution via scheduled...
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