• Live Database containing MAC address port locations (Solarwinds?)

    Hi Everyone,   I have set myself a side project for this year, which is to create an automated asset register.   Basically I want to know the physical locations of all my client devices, in a completely au...
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  • Whitelisted devices being displayed as rouge

    I recently upgraded to 2019.4 and now I have a slew of rogue devices that had been previously whitelisted. Even when I make a new whitelist rule it treats those devices as rogues. Has anyone else experienced this? How...
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  • Find All of a Specific Vendor Device via UDT Report

    Ideally, my end goal is to be able to run a report that shows me all Polycom phones on our network and which switch and port they are on. I am looking to use UDT for this and to limit it to Direct connections.  ...
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  • Temporary Rogue MAC Addresses

    I wanted to reach out to this community and see what information I can gain to figure out an issue we are having.   We use UDT to track MAC addresses and receive alerts.   Our nodes are defined as all of o...
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  • Alerts for unauthorized devices on network

    Hello I was wondering if there is a way to set up Device tracker to alert us if an unauthorized device connects to our network. Currently we receive those alerts from another server managed by a consultant. we are tr...
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  • Alert me when a new MAC address appears into network

    I am trying to setup a UDT alert to email me when a new MAC address appears into network.  What is the trigger condition I need to use to get the alert to work?  When I use the test feature, I get a test ema...
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  • monitor locked out accounts in AD

    How can I monitor and track locked out accounts in AD.
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  • Do you currently use UDT?--We want to talk to you!

    The User Experience (UX) team is looking for people who use UDT today in their environment to talk to us about what you use it for, how it's working for you, what's missing that you'd like to see UDT do, and most impo...
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  • UDT Searches not returning any results

    Good Day All,   I have a problem with my UDT v3.0.1 searches are not returning any results when a MAC address search is done.   If I search for a MAC address that is displayed under the Network tab of a no...
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  • UDT showing multiple switches in the Current Network Connections when looking up a node

    Good Morning - i am having issues with UDT when looking up nodes.  I can currently search for nodes but instead of seeing the direct connection of the switch to the node and see what port they are on, i see multi...
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  • SNMP v2 Authentication Failure

    I have installed UDT eval - looks VERY interesting so far; experiencing a couple of router issues and such that other folks are commenting on and have an open case. One odd thing I have noticed that started virtually...
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  • CDP Neighbor query using UDT Ports instead of NPM Interfaces?

    I am using the custom query (below) from Thwack thread 118607 to display CDP Neighbors.  The problem: the Local Interface is blank if that interface is not managed by NPM.  (We're not managing our campus acc...
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    created by adharkrader
  • Days since last used?

    How can I determine how long NEVER is?  I would assume that its since UDT has been monitoring the port, but it would still be good to know how many days this was, can I display a value in this column?   Wha...
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  • Report Writer - Wireless Access Point Availability

    Hello, we have Orion 2019.2 HF2 and I noticed that there is no more reports in Report Writer about Wireless APs anymore including availability. I wanted to have custom table in the UDT AP view for current AP availabi...
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    created by fursel
  • Switch Port Report

    I need to show a report of all the switch ports in our environment.  All switch ports are not in NPM but they are in UDT.  Is there a way to get this info and show a total number at the bottom?  Thanks.
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  • Talk to me about a router's role in UDT operation, please?

    I've had UDT for a year.  It looked quite promising, but it's turned out otherwise and I've had to shut it off due to it not providing timely and accurate information, and due to it causing so many snmp-GETs that...
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  • UDT Alert Issues

    I recently reinstalled UDT upgraded to 3.4 to attempt to meet a use case requirement where we want to know when a new MAC address appears on a specific device type. I used the canned alert "Alert me when a new MAC add...
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  • Duplicate Out-of-Box alerts after upgrade

    After upgrading UDT I now have several duplicate pre-defined alerts that I can not delete, is there a way I can remove these?
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  • VLAN info - Meraki switches

    Anyone been able to get VLAN info in UDT from Meraki switches?  I get the port descriptions but not much else.
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  • Port Details Report

    How do I get this page onto an email or pdf?  The funny thing is that is looks great in the node details page but has no options to export.     Support says the out of box tools won't help get this i...
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