• How does one allow a user to view and edit an NPM Report without giving them Administrator Rights?

    I want a user to only have the ability to modify and view a report, but I don't seem to be able do it without giving them Admin rights.   What, other than Allow Administrator Rights, is required in addition to M...
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  • Error Using NCM: Frimware Upgrades

    Has anyone seen this error? ERROR: Unable to get image filename "{IOS version}" from firmware upgrade storage I thought that maybe the issue was that the files were locked. Sure enough, the files were not unblock...
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  • NCM Manage Report User Permissions

    Hi All   I've just had to give a SolarWinds Account group complete admin rights to allow them to create a new NCM report (i.e. Admin->Settings->NCM Settings->Manage Policy Reports->Create New Report)...
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  • Help with NCM CCT interface parameter

    Hi   I need help with CCT   I have siteid@ parameter that I use in interface/ ip config I have issues with population in a Ip....   @hostname @SITEID   ***************************************...
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  • Which Compliance report do you use the most or is your favorite?

    Do you use the compliance functionality in NCM, if so vote below. Let me know which one you use the most or if you have created your own, tell us about those.
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  • Assistance with 3850 scripting commands.

    For context, we are using Cisco 3850 switches with 16.X software. We already have the commands we wish to execute written in the script, but the issue is that it asks the technician/administrator to validate/confirm t...
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  • Solarwinds>Configuration Managment> No Baseline Management Tab

    Hi All,   I'm currently setting Baselines for network devices. Im using this guide here Establish baselines as a comparison point for network config changes   It references a "Baseline Management Tab" tha...
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  • how to check data retention period of NCM backup data

    Hi Team,   where/how can i check NCM config/running backup data retention period.? or else what is default data retention period of config/running backup?
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  • ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Connection Refused by A.B.C.B

    I am getting this error message from some switches, routers and firewalls when NCM is trying to take the running configuration from the device. ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Connection Refused by A.B.C.D. ...
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  • Vlan mapping through PYTHON

    Hi,   Question: We would like to achive vlan mapping where user only have to put his/her mac address of the device and destination vlan to be mapped.   We are doing vlan mapping for end user devices and wa...
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  • Report / Approach to show devices accessible by Telnet

    Hello,   I'm new to NCM, and would like to know the easiest way to determine whether Telnet is still enabled for VTY lines on Cisco devices. Having read through a few posts, I am keen to stay away from interroga...
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  • SolarWinds NCM Firmware upgrade template for HP Switches

    Hi, Trying to use SolarWinds to automate the firmware upgrade process on our HP switches through SolarWinds NCM. Just wondering if anyone has a template that I can look at, as the default ones do apply to CISCO and so...
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  • Cisco ACI polling.

    Hi,   I am trying to explore new feature of Cisco ACI monitoring in NPM 12.5, while enabling Cisco ACI polling with valid credential, test is getting failed. Also logged a case with technical support team to lo...
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    created by defieguy
  • Scripting

    Hi,   I have a kind of complicated script I need to run and I'm not sure if it's possible or the best way to do it. I need to update NTP servers across every device (about 500). All devices are Cisco but there ...
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  • NCM script to change Palo Alto admin password

    This is what it looks like when you manually make the change: admin@PA-VM> configure admin@PA-VM# set mgt-config users <username> password Enter password   : Confirm password :   Based on ...
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  • NCM Job Scheduler 'Next Run Date' Blank

    Good Afternoon Thwack Community...   I am curious if anyone else is having the same issue I am with the NCM Job scheduler.  Every time I create a scheduled job to update the inventory and the job is saved T...
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  • Opengear XML config backup isn't complete

    I'm using the OpenGear IMX4xxx Devices" SystemOID=" " device template and a standard running config backup job. The job completes, but the file it saves is missing about 500+ lines of XML config...
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  • MSAPI vs LDAP for Authentication against AD

    Hi,   I'm setting up NCM for the first time.  Is there a Pro's \ Con's list or Best Practices doc that helps me understand why I should use MSAPI or LDAP  for authenticating NCM users? The Admin Guide ...
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  • NCM - tell me the IP address for all of my Cisco ISRs

    What I'd like is a listing for the IP address on Gi 0/0 or all of my Cisco ISRs. Is there a means have NCM distill that for me?
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  • Changing the hostnames on all switches on network with NCM

    Hi Guys (and Gals),   Due to a recent change in our network we need to rename all of our cisco switches with a new naming convention.  Our current convention goes like this: c12-001 c12-002 c12-003 ... ...
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