• test Cisco Nexus 5548

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  • NCM - Firmware Upgrade Document with steps?

    Hi Team,   We are evaluating NCM tool on our organization. I wanted to know if there is any document on firmware upgrade steps for Cisco devices?   Do NCM support HP Procurve and other products for firmwar...
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  • NCM : Aruba Clearpass

    HI ,   Anyone configured Aruba Clear pass in SolarWinds NCM?   Thanks Dev
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  • Unable to access Firmware upgrade page

    Solarwinds Team,   I've created an user account with NCM Administrative role but that account is unable to access the NCM Firmware upgrade page and the error is   Unexpected Website ErrorAccessing this page...
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  • How can i minimize NCM_ConfigParsedArchive table Size?

    Hi All,   Need your support to minimize the table size for NCM_ConfigParsedArchive table. Also, let me know what data this table contains?   When i am deleting old configs, the NCM_ConfigArchive table si...
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  • Cisco ASA HA IOS upgrade Process.

    How is everyone running updates against HA configurations of Cisco ASA's?   I am looking to do something like this with the firmware updater, Is this possible or does it have to be a custom script, Sorry still n...
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  • Cisco Devices Falsely Reporting As Down

    Hi all,        I've been having a persistent issue within Solarwinds. Our company has a main facility as well as a number of remote facilities. A few times each week (usually in the morning) S...
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  • test upload

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  • Fortinet Sflow  Config Change Template

    Hi All,   We have 100+ Fortinet devices in our environment and we want to configure Sflow on all of them in a single go using NCM.   Dose any one tried this before with Configuration change templates , It...
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  • Cant connect to Solarwinds SCP server

    Community,   I am trying to test an NCM Firmware Upgrade Template using SCP. The template works the way I want it to using TFTP, but when my switch tries to connect to my Solarwinds server using SCP, the followi...
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  • NCM firmware upgrade fails when deleting existing Cisco image file

    Has anyone had this problem: The router prompts to confirm the name of the existing image file to delete. NCM doesn't appear to provide router with a carriage return and it goes on to the next step. There is not enoug...
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  • Problems with firmware repository (unable to connect to polling engine)

    We have been having one heck of a time trying to get the firmware repository setup for NCM.  We have one polling engine that is throwing an "unable to connect to polling engine" error every time we try to set thi...
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  • NCM IOS Push to ASA Errors Out

    I get the following failure when I push a vanilla version of the template.   Upgrade Operation Started at 8/24/2018 11:59:38 AM _______________________________________________________________________________ &...
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  • AA Firmware Upgrade Template

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  • Updating firmware

    If I want to upgrade a stack switch. Is there anything I need to do beside push the firmware?
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  • Solarwinds Behind NAT - Firmware upgrade

    Hi,   Our Solarwinds Servers/TFTP service is only reachable from our branch routers using a Static NAT IP. When I create a firmware update operation to execute  IOS download to the branch router, the update...
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  • ASA Firmware Upgrade Template

    Has anyone used config template that upgrades ASA firmware ? Solarwinds Support says they are working on this to be added in a future release for a firmware upgrade template. I tried changing one of the IOS firmware...
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  • Cisco ASA 5512 Base Context Mode- Internal over VPN .xml

    Hey there fellow IT Admins and Engineer's!!   I have completed work on a NCM Firmware Upgrade Template.  It has been tested and works on ASA's: 5505, 5506x and 5512, and likely other models above and on eve...
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  • Firmware Upgrade "Not Enough Space"

    Hello Firmware Upgrade I get an error message that states "not enough space' when I kick off a data collection part of a firmware upgrade using firmware upgrade templates. I have checked flash on the router and ther...
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  • IOS version Compliance validation

    In our environment, we have list of Cisco, juniper, 3 com devices configured in Solarwinds where my requirement is to run the compliance report for the IOS version configured and recommend in which version we are lagg...
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