• Scripting

    Hi,   I have a kind of complicated script I need to run and I'm not sure if it's possible or the best way to do it. I need to update NTP servers across every device (about 500). All devices are Cisco but there ...
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  • What are the default included device templates?

    I think some of my templates are missing. I would like to see a list of standard templates included with NCM before I attempt a repair or re-install.   Orion Platform 2019.2 HF2, NAM 2019.2, NetPath 1.1.5  ...
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    created by sfreemire
  • Hide unmanaged Nodes

    Hello. We have a group of nodes that do not need to be managed during the winter, so we unmanage them(they are in buildings where power is cut 6 months out of the year). The problem is that they show up our network su...
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  • Cisco Nexus 9K provisioning config

    Hi guys,   I want to implement provisioning configuration for Cisco Nexus 9K. Had Solarwind have this feature yet? As i checked, Cisco do not have MIB for this task. But have some nx-api s to do it. So could...
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  • Backup a Linux "File.conf" with NCM

    235/5000              Hello, I need to make a backup of files in Linux folders. As I have seen, scripts are needed to do this but I only find it with very old versions of Li...
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  • How to add Device Types in NCM for  newer Opengear version

    How to add Device Types in NCM for newer Opengear version such as acm700x and for Opengear LightHouse?   Currently the only option we get for Opengear is the older version IMX42xx in the device template drop dow...
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  • NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations_Running IOS upgrades

    HI THWACK Team,     Expecting quick support and suggestions on NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations using for CISCO IOS_Upgrades which includes CISCO switches,Routers of Different Models.   We have been pr...
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  • How do you extract device interface configuration as variable input to configuration script

    Hi NCM Users   I'm brand new at NCM scripting and need some tips with the following requirements   I'm need to configure a Cisco Router ACL which contains the IP address of one of the router's ip Address. ...
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  • Need to change a node property value based on NCM compliance report

    Need to bulk change a node property based on NCM compliance report. I have an NCM report - listing several hundred nodes and I can export it to a text or to an Excel file. Now I need to use this information to set o...
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  • NCM Cisco wlc 5508 version 8.3 config backup

    Hello we are trying to get  config bakcup,Cisco Wlc 5508,with scp I found some samples on here, it doesn't work me. can give some sample device template, for new version?   I created ticket, But not help...
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  • Cisco ASA Download Config Command within Device Template

    Hello All,   I've been trying to set up automatic backups using the Solarwinds NCM web interface on a few of my client's ASA devices. When attempting to alter the Device Template on the Transfer Status page, I a...
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  • Config Template - NTP

    Hi Team,   I need to create a config change template to automatically add the correct NTP servers and remove the incorrect ones configured on the Cisco routers. I can create the script to add the new NTP servers...
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  • Cisco ASA and NCM 7.8

    We recently upgraded to NCM 7.8 and since then , the config download of ASA devices is not working.   Strangely, 3-4 devices are working as expected and the remaining ASA devices are not backing up,
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  • Using NCM to upgrade IOS/Firmware

    Hi Team,   We have planned to upgrade IOS images of cisco devices via NCM.   I would like to know what are the prerequisite things needed to achieve this.   Also do we have any document/videos to wal...
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  • Juniper SPX 100

    Default Solarwinds Juniper device template didn't work for Juniper SPX 100 device - it have slightly different upload config command. In attachment there is correct version. Information for Sales (template verified ...
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  • List of supported NCM devices

    NCM will work with any device that has a CLI interface where the commands are ran that is on the device template.   You will not be able to use NCM if the device only has GUI as there is no device template that...
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  • Cisco IronPort-

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  • Looking for script to disable the ports

    Hi,   I am looking for scripts to shut the interface which is in notconnect state and I would like to the script be like need to check the current configuration on daily base and need to shut the interface accor...
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  • Seeking documentation showing how to backup Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) APICs, Leaves, Spines with NCM

    Would someone kindly point me to Solarwinds web resources that do the following? Confirm NCM can backup Cisco ACI systems Define how to configure NCM specifically to backup Cisco ACI APICs, Spines, Leaves Provide e...
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  • NCM policy rule creation for specific interfaces

    What I am looking to do is write a rule that checks three interfaces and looks for the shutdown command on those interfaces.   I wrote it like this initially   Must contain find string   Interfac...
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