SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

Compliance Simplified


                Security is at an all-time high for many network engineers.  Either being asked “are we good?”, “How’s our security policies?”, or “Hey do we have any security policies in place??”  We wanted to be able to resolve these questions and back them with reports to prove your network is compliant!


I’ve been working on an ebook to help unlock the mystery within NCM. Something that would help users and prospects to reach their full NCM potential. The attached documents are simply a chapter from this book that will help simplify compliance once and for all. 

In the Compliance Head Geek episode we went over basic to advanced ways of using this feature.  However, if you really want to dive in then please download the provided compliance documentation and follow the step by step with screenshots.

I've even provided a RegEx help document to bridge a gap from beginner to advanced users.  This will help you to fine tune your searches and get the matches you need.  You could say I have been in a cave for a long time writing and screenshotting…  Seriously, it’s been intense!

The ultimate goal behind these documents is to provide users information that can be used at any level of product knowledge.  Standardization and security needs is a perfect place to start with NCM in general.  These guides will help you to leverage the power of NCM through compliance remediation reporting.

  • Compliance Reports Simplified
  • RegEx Help


If you're curious about compliance or other features, then by all means download a free 30 day trial and check it out today!

Thank you,

~ Dez