You can find the installation packages in your customer portal. This service release:


  • Upgrades Orion Platform (2014.2.1):
    This version includes the latest Orion Platform features and versions of existing components.
  • Includes a Parameter for Specifying a Password Prompt in Device Templates:
    This version enables you to specify the password prompt issued by a device as part of the device template, in case NCM is having trouble recognizing the device's prompt (for example, due to unsupported characters).
  • Enhances Support for SWIS Connections:
    The version modifies NCM software to process SWIS connections to any poller.
  • Accounts for the SolarWinds Alerting Service V2:
    This version fixes a problem with the NCM installer not shutting down a specific Orion Platform service.
  • Restores Test Button:
    This version fixes an error with Test button in Edit Properties resource for a node.
  • Enforces Reserved Words:
    In this version NCM ignores custom property names that include reserved words.
  • Moves a Data Migration Module:
    This version fixes a bug related to the location of data migration code module.
  • Restores "Overall Policy Violations" Resource:
    This release resolves a problem that prevents this resource from displaying.
  • Supports SQL Server 2012 SP2:
    NCM now supports this version of SQL Server.


Further details and list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes.

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