• NTA ingress and egrass graph is not matching interface bps

    Hi,      My NTA is not showing true data in graph. For example, In netflow source table, Interface 's value is so different from interface detail graph. l think , interface graphs not showing true netf...
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    created by bora.
  • Do you use CBQoS for troubleshooting of VoIP quality issues?

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  • NTA: What is this cruel trick CBQoS reports play?

    So, I am trying to create a CBQOS report. I see the default ones. I tried to create my own. The ones I tried to create did not work. The default report does work. So, I created a report using the exact same entries fo...
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  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations you would welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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  • 1-minute max to tell us about your IT troubleshooting pain points

    Tell us your biggest pain point when troubleshooting IT issues, e.g. users complaining about slow or broken access to applications. Select your biggest pain point from this list. Of course any additional comment to ...
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  • Netflow unhappy with Cisco 3850 flow format

    I have one Cisco device - a 3850      Version 03.03.01SE that the Solar Winds NTA is rejecting for its format. The Help button in the error message sent me to a page does not exist. :-( And my...
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  • Solarwinds and Tripplite UPS

    Hello, I currently have several Tripplite UPS power management backup units installed in our network, most with the WebLX addon card installed that supports HTML 5.  I am finding several of the cards are reporti...
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  • Cisco 9300 switches and NetFlow

    Is anyone successfully getting NetFlow to work on Cisco 9300 switch stacks? I only get the CBQoS information to display, not NetFlow. Here's my config:   flow record OrionFlowRecord description Flow Record for ...
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  • Creating Netflow multi-port application failed for a large range ports

    Hello,   When I try to create a large range of ports, such as 49152-65535, nothing happens. The application does not appear, the window freezes.
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    created by bardeev
  • Report inbound connections to firewall

    Does anyone have a report to show number of connections per hosts to a firewall? I have been looking into Report Writer, seen an option, Count of termination Address but report shows 0. Before I look into SQL query, t...
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  • Router outside (ASA)firewall unable to send netflow  to solarwinds server

    Hi Team, I have router with public IP address which is outside cisco ASA firewall and its unable to send netflow to solarwinds server with private IP address which is inside the firewall. I have natted the solarwind...
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  • Cisco C9300 Catalyst switches Netflow config for NTA

    Hi there,   I have been struggling with setting up Netflow config for Cisco C9300 Catalyst switches to work with Solarwinds NTA. I am also aware of someone posting their configs here but so far none of them are ...
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  • Config Wizard - NetFlow Database FAILED

    Hi, I'm getting the below error from Configuration Wizard after installing Hotfix 1 for Orion 2019.4   NetFlow Database FAILED Services configuration failed: •  Error while executing script- A ti...
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  • Tracking changes for Netflow Sources

    Hello All,      Well, Its a simple question really , can I track the changes done to Netflow Sources ( Adding or removing for example CBQOS Polling )
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  • What we're working on for NTA post 2019.4 (November 27th, 2019)

    With our 2019.4 release, we've delivered flow support for Meraki MX/Z series security and SD-WAN devices, enabling application traffic flow visibility on each interface. We've also re-designed and implemented separate...
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  • How to get a traffic report by VLAN?

    Hi,   How can I get a 90 day traffic report by VLAN?   Thank you!
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  • Traffic per VLAN (Cisco)

    We have a infrastructure made up of entirely Cisco devices, with the Core being 3850's, access layer of 3650's, and data center switches a mix of 5k and 9k's.   This is a large research company with 92 VLAN's br...
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  • How to add the network device into NTA ? please explain

    Hi,   please suggest on how to add network device in NTA version 4.5. please explain or provide any link. we have already given the NTA setting and everything is fine and network team given configuration in de...
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  • NTA netflow on palo alto and silverpeak

    I have netflow configured on my cisco devices with no issues but on my palo alto firewalls and my silverpeak wan accelerators I get the message that NetFlow Receiver Service [Poller] detected long flow with duration 9...
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    In this release, we're thrilled to be adding flow support for for Meraki routers, and introducing completely new interfaces for navigating flow source and CBQoS enabled interfaces at scale. Also in this release - we'v...
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