• How to add the network device into NTA ? please explain

    Hi,   please suggest on how to add network device in NTA version 4.5. please explain or provide any link. we have already given the NTA setting and everything is fine and network team given configuration in de...
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  • NTA netflow on palo alto and silverpeak

    I have netflow configured on my cisco devices with no issues but on my palo alto firewalls and my silverpeak wan accelerators I get the message that NetFlow Receiver Service [Poller] detected long flow with duration 9...
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  • Netflow data not showing correctly for certain interfaces.

    We have configured netflow on our network devices, we have many devices with different link speeds eg.  100 mbps, 1Gbps, 10 Gbps. The netflow data corresponds to the usage when the link speed is upto 100 Mbps. Bu...
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  • Finding the Device that is Causing High Traffic

    I am trying to learn how to track a device causing a high traffic flow. Here is the scenario: NPM is reporting High Traffic from an interface or a set of interfaces on a switch. That switch in turn is reporting anot...
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  • SolarWinds NTA Upgrade from 4.2.2 to 4.6

    I am planning to upgrade our SolarWinds application.  Currently we have a 2012 windows server as the main Orion Platform and a second 2012 windows server used for NTA NetFlow Storage, and finally a SQL 2014 serve...
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  • Netflow / NBAR2 / NTA configuration with Cisco catalyst 3850

    I've recently installed a trial version of Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) and I want to get this configured and working so that I can make a case to my senior colleagues and manager to purchase it as I think it would ...
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  • Interface Charts Not Displaying Data

    I haven't used NTA much but I have had a need to look at the Data today and although when I click on a switch name all the various Charts display data when I click on an individual interface on that switch I don't get...
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  • How to config sonicwall settings for NTA

    OVERVIEW    The following settings are relevant for configuring your Sonicwall devices to export flows to SolarWinds NTA: Flow version - use NetFlow V9 or IPFIX Report Connection On Active Timeout   ...
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  • Top XX application per interface

    Hello Everyone, Since this is my first post Good morning/afternoon.   Do you know by chance how to make a widget (graph) that will show you TOP XX applications per interface. My goal is to have single dashboa...
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  • Cisco Wireless Controller - NetFlow Error: NetFlow Receiver Service [Orion Server] received NetFlow V9 flows without any template for decoding them. Configure the device x.x.x.x to export an appropriate NetFlow V9 template at 1-minute intervals.

    The Wireless Controller is a Cisco 3500 Wireless Controller. On the Wireless Controller, I have already configured the NetFlow Exporter with the correct IP [Of the Orion Server] and the correct port number 2055. Sim...
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  • Bandwidth Utilization Report

    Hii   We are having several Groups. We require a report of Bamdwidth Utilization of Interfaces of a particular Group which are configured for NetFlow.
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  • Manage Views - Adding Resources

    Hi All   Wondering if I can get some assistance with an issue. I am having trouble viewing all available resources when I try to add a new custom view.   Settings > Add New View > Type: Summary  ...
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  • Net flow reciever or my switch?

    Hello team, I have a wierd issue.   We run HP switches and I have been removing any ports not monitored or no longer need to be monitored right across the board of 80+ switches. So, on my core switch (HP5412zl ...
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  • Configuring sflow on HP Switches

    Good Afternoon,   In the next few weeks are deploying NTA into the business, and we have a range of HP network switches that require configuring for sflow the different models of HP switch that we need to config...
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  • Palo Alto NAT IP Address

    Hi guys, We're monitoring our Palo Alto's public internet interface using NTA - however we're running into an issue where the NTA summary for the interface only shows our Public IP - not the private IP address of th...
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  • Having issues testing out NBAR2

    I've received notifications in Orion that our company has nbar2 capable devices which are not sending nbar2 data. I was tasked with testing this out to see if we like it better than netflow. I have the flow record, mo...
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  • NTA challenges/confusion

    I have NTA 4.6.0 and NPM 12.5.  I have netflow set up on one reouter, one interface (just getting my feet wet in this).  The dashboard under Netflow, summary shows the netflow info and I'm receiving it every...
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  • there was no endpoint listening at net.tcp://cppunit:17777/orion/core/businesslayer

    After the software install and running for few days. We have power fail, after reboot, I cannot access the Orion Web console, erroe message pop up "there was no endpoint listening at net.tcp://cpputil:17777/orion/core...
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  • SWQL query to list Netflow received on unmonitored nodes

    With the help of smttysmth02gt I was able to put together a SWQL query you can put into a "Custom query" widget or report in order to see all IP's that were sending netflow that you aren't polling from in Orion. This ...
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  • Can Netflow traffic be load balanced with an F5?

    I have 4 Netflow receivers set up wan to spread netflow traffic acrossed them as the current receiver is being overloaded by the amount of traffic it's receiving. I am considering having our network team divide the tr...
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