NTA v4.1 Beta 1 is now available to try - sign up today by taking our survey!


New features include: 

  • Improved automatic sample rate recognition (especially Juniper devices)
  • Users are able to set sample flow rate manually (in case automatic recognition fails)
  • Ability to configure Cisco devices from the NTA Web UI
  • Charts drag&drop adopted for NetFlow views
  • Support of 8-bit ToS information
  • improved application updates speed (up to 7x faster)
  • Removal of 32 bit support
  • Removal of old charts from Web UI
  • Bug Fixes



For getting the download link, please fill out questionnaire confirming:


  • email and the thwack ID so you can be awarded some points
  • valid maintenance for the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
  • the fact you will really not install it in a production…


I will be sending you the link in the email after your maintenance is validated, so please allow some time for a processing…


Thanks and looking forward your comments

Marcus Bedford