I am pleased to announce the General Availability of Netflow Traffic Analyzer - NTA - v4.0.


The benefits of NTA v4.0 are:

  • Larger customers will benefit from a dramatic improvement of the flow processing capabilities (at least 5 times more flows compared to NTA 3.x)
  • All customer sizes will benefit from more accurate network troubleshooting data, based on the possibility to retain highly granular flow data (1 minute) for months vs. hours before
  • Existing customers will see visibly improved performance of NTA itself, as well as all other products running on the same servers.
  • All customers will benefit from the ease of use brought by the new Orion Core platform reporting module
  • FIPS compatibility


NTA v4.0 release notes are here


You can find important FAQs about v4.0 here


We all hope you enjoy this major release of NTA!


PS: Special thanks to the dozen of existing customers who trusted us and gave us their time to test NTA 4.0 beta and release candidate versions.

We simply cannot deliver quality products without your involvement!