• KIWI Syslog Server showing msgs from Unix and CISCO but not Windows

    Hey guys,   Wondering if someone can help as ive been pulling my hair out for 2 days with this;   Installed the EVAL 14 day Trial version of KIWI Syslog Server (9.6.7) and put it on a Windows Server 2016 V...
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  • NPM/NTA to Kiwi

    I'm a newbie to the Orion world.  is it possible to forward NPM/NTA events to a Kiwi Syslog server?
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  • Kiwi Syslog not receiving any message

    Hello,   I just installed Syslog on a Windows 8 VM (ESXi 5.5). However... I don't received any message from the router (Cisco RV042G) I want to log.   I tried the generic troubleshhoting : • Check...
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  • Web Access throws error 2869 during install

    I get the following error during the Web Access portion of the install of Kiwi Syslog 9.6.7.   The following is an exert from the installation log.   WriteRegistryValues: Key: \Software\SolarWinds\Syslog...
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  • What Are We Working on for Kiwi Syslog - Updated Jan 10th 2020

    To receive updates on the Kiwi Syslog roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   Improved scale logging to SQL databases Log forwarding to Loggly Performance & Usability Enhancements
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  • Kiwi licensing

            What is the difference between the various licensing levels of the Kiwi Syslog server (server, site, country, global)?
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  • Kiwi Syslog Web Access - set filters for last 24-hours, 48-hours, or 7 days

    I was just wondering if there is a way to set filters for last 24-hours, 48-hours, or 7 days etc in the syslog web access?
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  • Filter Action to send msg to Telegram group

    Hi, I'm new @ Kiwi Syslog and I want to detect in FILTER some critical logs entries and send them to a Telegram Group. I don't know what action use to call the Telegram API. Have anyone been dealing with something l...
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  • Syslog write to file question

    Any idea how I can separate specific ip/devices to write to different folders without the logs getting duplicated to the default folder?   I have the default rules and filter setup which displays and logs all de...
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  • Syslod Services Stopped

    I discovered that one of the server running the Kiwi Syslog has its syslogd service stopped and not taking in logs from other servers. Checking Services.msc 'Kiwi Syslog Server' is still running while in Kiwi Syslog S...
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  • Does Kiwi Syslog supports installation on Windows Server 2019?

    Hi! We're planning to deploy Kiwi Syslog server to one of our customers. The OS standard for them is Windows Server 2019, so I'm wondering if that's ok to install Kiwi Syslog Server to Windows Server 2019 OS. I know...
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  • Windows event viewer log forwarder question

    Sorry if this isn’t posted in the proper place, but I believe this is the most appropriate place to post my question. In short we are forwarding event viewer events via the aforementioned tool to a Sysco server....
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  • Solarwinds Event Log Forwarder for Windows with 2 Kiwi Syslog Servers configured

    Hello,   In the log forwarder, there are 2 kiwi syslog servers configured. And we found that there is no syslog event receive on first syslog server. What could be the root cause of this issue?   Thank you.
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  • Kiwi Syslog Not Displaying Any Logs

    New installation of Kiwi Syslog Service Manager (Free Version 9.6). Test message to localhost works fine but is not receiving syslog messages from remote computer. WireShark shows the syslogs but Kiwi is not picking...
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  • Syslogd_Service.exe crash - out of stack space

    I am evaluating Kiwi Syslogd to front-end and filter syslog traffic since we are having performance problems and service crashes using the NPM Syslog Service.  Here is the hardware platform: HP DL385G7 2x AMD Op...
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  • store logs encrypted

    Hi, is it possible to store logs in an encrypted way? I read that I can archive it in an encrypted zip file but I think I should do that upstream for legal reasons Thanks
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  • Send log to Kiwi vs Save in a log file

    Hi there,                I'm trying to figure out which way is better? Correct me if I'm wrong.          ...
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  • Kiwi Syslog - replace string on alert

    Hi All, I would like to create an alert (using Kiwi Syslog server) on a syslog message if an OSPF adjacency goes down, but I prefer to add (or replace) the neighbor (in this example with a custom string...
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  • Kiwi Syslog service stopping Frequently - Error Message added below

    Hi All,   Help in fixing the below error.case raised with Solarwinds still waiting for the solution   2019-11-14 13:52:20    Unable to query the table:  Syslogd in the database specifi...
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  • test message working on "log to file", not working on "display"

    Hi, I have a "log to file" action and it works normally, but another "display" action doesn't work, I selected display number "Display 01" and selected it in the visualization, but even if the test returns me a green...
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